From Self Expression to Humanitarianism: New and Full Moon on the Leo-Aquarius Axis

Venus moved into Cancer on the 17th of July, linking feelings of safety with close nurture. Mercury, which has been travelling close to the Sun, progressed beyond Cancer and into Leo two days later, after opposing Pluto the day before. Expect energetic communication after Mercury’s journey shines a light into Pluto’s underworld realm bringing murky secrets up into the light. Mercury in Leo needs creative involvement to learn and tends towards intuitive leaps rather than logical associations in understanding, learning and communication. In its element in Leo from the 23rd of July the Sun can vitalise any enterprise. Creative energy tends to be coloured with a sense of drama, encouragement and confidence when the Sun is in its own sign.

The New Moon in the wee hours of the 29th of July is at 6 degrees of Leo which references A Conservative Old-Fashioned Lady Confronted by a ‘Hippie’ Girl.  This speaks to the need to transcend our subservience to fashion in morals, as well as in our outward appearance. There’s a reference here to the many collective, cultural and social crises that we all face, challenging us to realise the relativity of social values. With the Sun and Moon forming a Trine to optimistic Jupiter in Aries the need for recognition interacts with the urge to expand beyond the self. The bigger than life presence of Jupiter is especially noticeable with Jupiter stationing to go retrograde at this time. Mercury is also forming a square with Uranus in Taurus, just a few hours later. With the New Moon in Leo feelings of emotional security are associated with pride and confidence in self and there’s a childlike simplicity in adapting to life through drama and humour. Entertaining friends and having the opportunity to shine are on the agenda. Don’t get too caught up in extremes and keep an eye on the detail.

Uranus and the North Node meet up for their once every 15 year sojourn on the 1st of August, with the heat and intensity further accelerating when Mars joins them more briefly the next day.  This event has been building for some time and is associated with accidents, extreme weather and storms and also triggers insights, awakenings and change particularly around Taurean themes of security and values.  Like the challenge/opportunity card of the I Ching, the Taurus degree of this conjunction is characterised as A New Continent is Rising out of the Ocean. This speaks to a surge in potentiality after crisis and calls for spontaneity, having reached a state in which the conscious rational ego in no longer in control.

Then on Friday the 12th of August the Full Moon falls at 20 degrees of Aquarius described as A Large White Dove Bearing a Message. The individual who has gone courageously though crisis and triumphed over forces of inertia or destruction receives a message of peace and victory. With the Moon in Aquarius security is associated with being able to exercise complete freedom of ideas, self expression and innovation. Unpredictable reactions, and events, eccentricity and perhaps a touch of brilliance are all on the cards with both the Sun and the Moon forming exact squares with Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus just hours before the Aquarius Full Moon.

Astrology by Gil Dwyer

Gil is an astrologer, editor and writer, with a Sagittarian passion for understanding what makes people tick. She believes that astrology can help to set the soul free and is a rich and wonderful way to explore the lifetime journey towards living the authentic self. Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency, Agent 25 first learnt to construct a natal chart by hand in the 1970s, holds a Diploma in Applied Astrology from the Chiron Centre which she finished in 2012 with the thesis Weird, Shocking and Unconventional: A Moon-Uranus Tale. She also has an Honours Degree in Sociology and a long history of social research, policy and planning in public health, women’s health and Aboriginal health and welfare. Gil has been doing a regular astrology blog for Kundalini House since 2017 and has been a keen Kundalini Yoga and QiGong student and member of Kundalini House for six years.  (