Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Love and Future Possibilities: Jupiter into Capricorn and the Gemini Full Moon   As Saturn draws ever closer to Pluto some five weeks away from their fated meeting, Jupiter, the planet of expansion will meet the contraction of Saturn’s sign of Capricorn from Tuesday the 3rd of December, contributing to the buildup of planets there. [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Planting Hope for the Future at the Sagittarius New Moon   The recent Taurean Full Moon certainly packed a punch, with the Moon, the Sun and Mercury all involved in a dance with Pluto around this event. Pluto, less than two months away from its fated meeting with Saturn, provided a potential release point for [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Transformational Times and Tuning into Nature’s Rhythms at the Taurus Full Moon  The recent Scorpio New Moon set the tone for the deep healing that so many of us appear to be immersed in at this time. After meeting up with Venus on Halloween, Mercury goes retrograde for an intense Scorpionic journey the very next [...]

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Shen Gong ~ Spiritual Practice of Qigong Workshop With Nicole Betts

Shen Gong ~ Spiritual Practice of Qigong   Shen Gong is the practice of eliciting presence and focused awareness through the physical practice of Qigong and the internal practice of Nei Gong. Explore connection to the Tao ~ the Way ~ the ancient practice of internal alchemy familiar to some as oneness or nothingness. Understand [...]

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5 Day Kundalini Yoga Intensive Course – Becoming One with the Cosmic Hum With Onkartej

5 Day Kundalini Yoga Intensive Course - Becoming One with the Cosmic Hum With Onkartej When: 8th-12th April Time: 7:45 - 8:45am Teacher: Onkartej K   “Vibrate the cosmos. The cosmos shall clear the path.” – Yogi Bhajan   In all of life there exists specific sounds that vibrate a frequency unique to each and [...]

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Conscious Mornings: 5-day Yin Yoga intensive

CONSCIOUS MORNINGS Clear physical tension, mental congestion and emotional stagnation. An intensive in generating and grounding qi for deeper awareness and wellbeing. Qi gong, yin yoga, pranayama and meditation. All levels welcome.   5-day Yin Yoga intensive with Evelyn Mon 14th Jan - Fri 18th Jan 9.30 - 10.45am   Full course: $100/ casual attendance [...]

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THE SUMMER SOLSTICE - A KUNDALINI YOGA WORKSHOP with Namo Dev Spend an afternoon aligning with the rhythms of nature. On this day of the Summer Solstice, let us gather in ritual and practice to celebrate and honour the gifts of the Sun, of light and of fire. We will practice kriyas from the Kundalini [...]

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Astrology Report

Astrology News - December 2018 Coming Home, New Beginnings and Spiritual Connection to the Earth Many will be pleased that Mercury is now moving forward and will be experiencing less chaos with travel and communication. Mercury will be into new space by Christmas time. The North Node now in Cancer is inviting us to open [...]

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Sacred Rest – The Healing Gift of Restorative Yoga

Sacred Rest - The Healing Gift of Restorative Yoga with Rachel Hanrahan Sacred Rest is a lovingly crafted lush experience of deep healing restorative yoga with Rachel. This workshop weaves a gentle fusion of restorative yoga, therapeutic breathing methods, divine guided meditations, crystal bowl sound healing and the evidence based iRest Yoga Nidra. BOOK HERE! [...]

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