We are very excited to be working with Massage Therapist Justine Zerwas at Kundalini House. She has had a successful career in the Health Industry as a Massage therapist in the US and we feel lucky to have her here in Australia.

Below Justine shares a little bit about how she came to this therapy and also provides us with her insights on how to improve our immune systems this winter!

How did you first become interested in massage therapy?

When I was a teenager I babysat for a massage therapist. She worked from home and I would look after her daughter while she saw clients. I remember she had one client who was rehabilitating from a terrible car accident and watching their progress was profound.

At the time I had just finished high school and didn’t have a plan so I decided to enrol in massage school and give it a try. It was the best thing I had ever done and I ended up landing my dream job at a massage and yoga studio in San Francisco.

How did you end up in Australia?

In my mid twenties I fell into the usual travel for fun, stay for love trope. I went back to my hospitality roots as a way of meeting people and connecting with the community. I ended up managing a cafe in Carlton and loved the community connection it provided. However I was always thinking back to that dream job in the massage and yoga studio and I knew that someday I wanted to work in that environment and be a part of a health-minded community again. Eventually life led me back in that direction and I was excited to find Kundalini House as that place I always dreamed of finding my way back to.

What are three ways that you recommend supporting the immune system this winter?

I would choose ways to specifically support the lymphatic system as it has a major role within our immune system. If viruses and bacteria reach our lymph nodes then lymphocytes will form antibodies to defend the body, therefore it is important to do what we can to keep the function of our lymphatic system running well.

No. 1 : One of the most important ways to aid the lymphatic system is through movement. Lymph ducts do not have a pumping system and rely on muscle contraction to circulate lymph. I would suggest any type of movement and it doesn’t have to be high intensity, gentle walks, yoga, pilates and swimming are wonderful for lymphatic circulation.

If your day involves long hours of being stationary I suggest to break it up with small amounts of movement, even 5 minute walk breaks are very beneficial especially if you are sitting at a desk all day. Play around and have fun, put on your favourite song and dance it out at the end of the day. Another thing that I do if I have been on my feet all day is that I come home and lay with my feet up the wall for 10-15 minutes, I find it so energising and it’s a great way to get that lymph re-circulated from the lower limbs.

No. 2 – Dry Brushing is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and boost immunity. It involves brushing your skin with a soft natural brush using short rhythmic strokes to stimulate lymph flow towards the lymph ducts. The lymphatic system is just below our skin so this is a perfect way to help circulate lymph.

I find it quite invigorating and it is a great way to exfoliate especially if you are prone to dry skin in winter. Below is a wonderfully detailed full body dry brushing video that demonstrates the correct technique for lymphatic drainage.


No. 3 – The lymphatic system also relies on hydration to function properly. In winter as it is cooler I tend to not drink enough water. I stay hydrated by drinking warm herbal teas throughout the day. If I am feeling run down I like to add fresh ginger, lemon and honey together with the addition of sage and/or oregano from the garden.

What are your favourite modalities to use in massage therapy?

Besides my first love of trigger point therapy I would have to say that I love myofascial release and myofascial decompression (cupping). They both have the ability to make long lasting change without the client experiencing much discomfort or pain. This is important because the most change occurs when the client is able to relax during the application of these techniques.

Justine Zerwas Massage therapy north fitzroyJustine is an experienced and compassionate remedial massage therapist dedicated to improving her clients’ well-being through a blend of relaxing restorative massage and targeted therapeutic techniques.

Justine’s warm and calm demeanour creates a nurturing environment as she works with each individual to find a treatment that is appropriate for them. She uses knowledge of the body’s structures and assessment to target the soft tissues related to the presenting issue. Justine is passionate about treating these target areas with precision whilst ensuring that the client is also in a state of relaxation so as to better facilitate muscle release and healing.

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