How to Stop Attracting Unsuitable Partners – by Marcus Corah

Jane (not her real name) was in her 40s and found herself stuck in a pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men. They were either in relationships or couldn't commit. During their first session, Jane uncovered a deep-seated belief that she wasn't worthy of a loving relationship. This limiting belief led her to attract men who [...]

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PTSD & Trauma Awareness

PTSD Awareness June 2023 June was PTSD awareness month and it shone the light on PTSD and it's impact on peoples lives. But what is PTSD and how can we help ourselves and the people we love who have experienced trauma and are still living with its impact? Kundalini House Counsellor and Psychotherapist Marisa Howard [...]

Empowered gut health for IBS & Weight loss – The potential to solve gut issues

Empowered gut health for IBS & Weight loss - The potential to solve gut issues The gut itself contains a thin layer of brain cells (neurons) called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) which is involved with managing the process of digestion and moderating gut discomfort. The ENS is often referred to as the body's second [...]

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Is your conscious mind getting in the way of your health, happiness and potential?

  In many cases, past experiences set our future behaviours and sets up limitations which effectively constrain our full potential. Hypnotherapy, is commonly used to facilitate adjustment to set new behaviour, and helps free the shackles of behaviour patterns that previously were difficult to counter or overcome. "It is genuinely exciting to know that Hypnotherapy [...]

Reduce Stress and Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is rife amongst us.  In this day and age there are more people suffering from anxiety and stress related illnesses than ever in the history of mankind. Anxiety is becoming a living breathing monster that feeds off so many in its path. It is crippling people and destroying lives. Stresses of modern day life [...]

Procrastination, or Personal Development? – Clinical Hypnotherapy can make it happen!

Do you have dreams, goals and aspirations that you have been planning to get started on soon, later,  tomorrow? We all know tomorrow never actually comes, so we could all use a little bit of help to maximise our enjoyment in life, and to achieve the success and aspirations we deserve.  With the assistance of Clinical Hypnotherapy, [...]

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