Winter Solstice Workshop – The Shadow Self

Winter Solstice Workshop - The Shadow Self An Evening of self-exploration through introspective, meditation and chanting with Ania Hampton. Dates: Sunday 19 June 2021 Time:  7:00 - 9:00 pm To book this workshop, please visit the link below:  CLICK HERE TO MAKE A BOOKING   Have you ever wondered about your dark side? Humanness has two [...]

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Yoga Nidra for Deeper Sleep With Rachel Hanrahan (Online)

Yoga Nidra for Deeper Sleep 6 week course (Online) Mondays 8-9pm with Rachel Hanrahan   Yoga Nidra is a deeply healing guided meditation that allows you to access a somatic feeling of wellbeing. This ancient embodiment practice has been scientifically studied and found to nourish para sympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and access deeper [...]

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Chakra Tune Up : 5 day Meditation Intensive with Rachel Hanrahan 4th – 8th Jan 2021

Tune in and clear stagnation from your energetic body with chakra focused movement, intention, pranayama (breathwork), mantra, mudra and guided meditation. Revitalise your entire being and learn practices to take with you through the year to align, recharge and revitalise the main energetic centres (chakras) and nadis (channels) in your subtle body. Raise your vibration [...]

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