iRest Yoga Nidra for Nervous System Repair

What do we do in an iRest class?
As a yogic practice iRest yoga nidra starts with purposefully creating, an inner resource of peace, wellbeing and ease. A student cultivates this place using images, feelings, sounds, tastes and smells and practice recalling this self-created inner resource. The student is encouraged to cultivate their inner resource to become part of daily life to be relied on as a thought pattern to feel peace, ease and wellbeing.  This inner resource is unique to iRest yoga nidra other yoga nidra traditions and practices do not incorporate the inner resource.
IRest yoga nidra practice cultivates an Awareness. We say ‘my body; and ‘my mind’ as entities we identify with.  Your body has aches and pains and your mind has emotions and thoughts.  Another part of your being is your Awareness – A place of observation and witnessing everything in the present moment without judgement, attachment or need to change anything. Awareness is a place of deep peace, ease and wellbeing. Awareness is free of aches and pains and free of disruptive thoughts.  Awareness through iRest yoga nidra meditation solidifies a consistent place of deep peace, ease and wellbeing.

An iRest yoga nidra student is guided carefully and systematically to investigate the nature of our beliefs.  Irest yoga nidra meditation is a series of experiments and self-inquiries to come to your own first-hand understanding of deep peace, ease and wellbeing.  Its also relaxing and for all abilities and practiced lying down.

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