The Intelligent Heart with Asher Packman

The Intelligent Heart with Asher Packman As we understand more about the benefits of meditation, it’s important to remember the most energetically powerful organ in the body, our hearts. While being present and ‘in the moment’ is a vital part of our overall wellbeing, meditating directly on the heart can help take us one step [...]

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Open the Lotus of the Heart

OPEN THE LOTUS OF THE HEART - a journey into the sacredness of self compassion and power of the Heart with HarJiwan In this sacred and powerful workshop with HarJiwan you will energise and balance the centres of transformation and connection along with the tattvas, stimulate circulation and bring strength to the Heart. You will [...]

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Sacred Rest – The Healing Gift of Restorative Yoga with Rachel Hanrahan

Sacred Rest - The Healing Gift of Restorative Yoga with Rachel Hanrahan Sacred Rest is a lovingly crafted lush experience of deep healing restorative yoga with Rachel. This workshop weaves a gentle fusion of restorative yoga, therapeutic breathing methods, divine guided meditations, crystal bowl sound healing and the evidence based iRest Yoga Nidra. BOOK HERE! [...]

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Change of Seasons- Winter Spirit Heart Warmers!

I hear the calling of the change of seasons, I know that Winter is approaching.  As I light my fire place in my home, I remind myself that its also a great time to warm the heart within and practise some chi building, winter spirit heart warming yoga! Strengthening the immune system is vital at this time of year, [...]

Trea Kriya

By Melissa Laing/ Ravi Har This is one of my favourite kriyas—it is also part of the Opportunity and Green Energy Set and Kriya for the Heart Centre, but can be practiced on its own, which I like to do. I love the heart opening, as well as the way that the sound current transforms [...]

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Protect your inner environment….as carbon taxes you!

With the carbon tax approaching and the continuous presence of carbon emissions in the media we can’t help but see the word ‘carbon’ as ‘bad’ or ‘toxic’.  It got me thinking about carbon dioxide within the body.  It is often perceived as being ‘toxic’ for the human body, but how true is this? Carbon dioxide [...]

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