I am often faced with the scenario of having to explain what exactly it is I do for a living and, if you know anything about Homeopathy you will understand that it is not the easiest health modality to grasp. So, allow me to introduce myself and Homeopathy and how it can help restore your health.

Some of you may have already met me through Kundalini Yoga. My name is Katerina Nestorovska and I am one of the Kundalini Yoga teachers here at Kundalini House. I also practice Homeopathy from the beautiful new practitioner space downstairs. My journey with healing modalities has been a long and personal one. Over the years I have helped nurse 3 family members through their battle with cancer, beginning at the tender age of just 10 as I watched my father lose his fight to this terrible disease. 15 years later I would watch my mother go through the same battle. So I began to seek options other than Orthodox Medicine. After a lot of research, I suddenly found myself withdrawing from my Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University literally the morning of my Neuroscience exam and enrolling into a Bachelor of Health Science at Endeavour College of Natural Health. And so began the passion and the journey into natural health that not only opened the door to homeopathy but also to Rayid Iris Interpretation and Birth Order, Kundalini Yoga and from there Sat Nam Rasayan Healing and Karam Kriya Numerology. Although my main modality of practice is Homeopathy, I interweave all of the above where necessary in a patients treatment plan. I believe in holistic healing. That means treating Body, Spirit and Soul. And I respect every individuals desire to heal just one or all of these bodies. I work together with my patients to achieve the most gentle, effective and rapid healing process.

So that’s enough about me. You can read more on my website www.consciousliving.com.au

So what is homeopathy?… Homeopathy is a branch of medicine developed over 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. It stimulates the bodies natural healing response and is based on two principles: 1. The Law of Similars states that a substance, which causes symptoms in its crude form, can be used in its Homeopathic (diluted and succussed) form to treat those same symptoms. For example, coffee when drunken as a crude substance may cause difficulty sleeping. When used in its Homeopathic form, the remedy Coffea can be used to treat symptoms of insomnia. 2. The Law of Minimum Dose states that the remedy is given in a dose that is small enough not to produce any symptoms, at the same time stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal.

The remedies used in Homeopathy are derived from plant, mineral or animal sources. There are over 2500 remedies in the Homeopathic Materia Medica and from all of those one is chosen that is specific to your symptom picture. So two people may walk into a Homeopathic consultation with a headache. But person A may have a headache that is right sided, throbbing, better for heat and worse for open air. Whereas person B may have a headache that is left sided, sharp, better for cold and worse for a stuffy room. This would indicate a different remedy for both of these people. As can be seen the process is very individualised and holistic.

So how can Homeopathy help you and your loved ones? Well to begin with it is natural, holistic, gentle and low risk. No matter your age, symptom picture or history, Homeopathy is suitable for everyone, from the infant to the elderly, during and post pregnancy, whether your condition is acute or chronic and as complementary to any other medicine, Orthodox or Natural.

If you would like to make an appointment, Katerina consults at Kundalini House on Fridays 9am-6pm. Contact her directly on 0416 274 807.



shakti chocolateRecipe: Shakti Chocolate

This is one of my favorite beverages that provides me with a pick me up, enhances my mood, opens up a meditative space before my practice and tastes delicious. One of my fellow Kundalini Yogis introduced me to it during teacher training and I have been drinking it since! She named it Shakti Chocolate because it gets the Shakti energy moving.

The benefits are all in the ingredients, which include:

Raw Cacao: high in antioxidants and magnesium, it helps the body tune into its natural appetite due to its monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors (MAO inhibitors), contains anandamide making it an aphrodisiac and, phenylethylamine (PEA), which is a mood enhancer (while this super-molecule exists naturally in the brain, the only other food that contains PEA is blue-green algae).

Cayenne Pepper: rich in capsaicin, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, and flavonoids (which give it its antioxidant properties).

Cinnamon: high in manganese therefore great for premenstrual symptoms, is a blood sugar stabiliser, helps fight yeast infections and stomach bugs, aids digestion, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and, increases alertness, memory and cognitive development,

Coconut Oil: great source of good fats, which is essential for brain and muscle function, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral, hydrates the skin and promotes healthy hair and, boosts metabolism.

1 tablespoon Raw Cacao
1/8 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper (or to taste)
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil Honey to taste
**Non-dairy milk of choice heated (soy, almond, oat, rice, coconut) or, just top up with hot water

**It has been shown that dairy inhibits the benefits of raw cacao.

You need to keep stirring the glass as you are drinking the Shakti Chocolate, as the coconut oil will keep rising to the top. For added healthy spice add some turmeric or cardamom.

Enjoy! Sat Nam x