I hear the calling of the change of seasons, I know that Winter is approaching.  As I light my fire place in my home, I remind myself that its also a great time to warm the heart within and practise some chi building, winter spirit heart warming yoga! Strengthening the immune system is vital at this time of year, and this can be done by consciously nourishing all aspects of lifestyle and inner being! Here are a few heart warming inspirations.
meditation sepiaPranayama; being aware of your breath and choosing to breath deeply and
completely, can do wonders for your immune system.
Brahmari Bee breath is a potent practice to help bring the endocrine and
nervous systems into a calm & balanced state.



Parivrtta ParsvakonasanaParivrtta Parsvakonasana with anjali mudra;  bringing spiritual heat to the heart warrior, cultivating tapas and agni fire in the belly, whilst finding absolute focus at the heart, cultivating strength and equanimity.
ardha chandrasana


Ardha Chandrasana; Balancing pose using the bandha locks (Mulabandha
and Uddiyana bandha), strengthening and toning the vital organs in the torso.



ustrasanaUstrasana; Heart opener and a wonderful back bend. Inviting trust and
confidence. Also stimulating the thymus gland which is a regulator of
the immune system.

shoulder stand

Salamba Savangasana; (supported shoulder stand) Lymph moving,

thymus, digestion and circulation stimulating. This practice is important
for the immune system and to let go of stagnation and take a new



Written by Hatha YogaTeacher Melissa ShemannaNectar of Life Yoga