By Melissa Laing/ Ravi Har

This is one of my favourite kriyas—it is also part of the Opportunity and Green Energy Set and Kriya for the Heart Centre, but can be practiced on its own, which I like to do. I love the heart opening, as well as the way that the sound current transforms my state of consciousness in a short time.

Sit with your left heel at your perineum (using a blanket creatively if you find this position too uncomfortable), and bring your right heel up onto your left thigh, allowing your right knee to touch the ground (if you do not have the flexibility in your hips to do this, you can place a cushion or blanket under this knee). Cup your hands at your nabhi (navel centre).  Inhale, chant ONG, pulling the navel centre in and feeling the resonance at this point, then chant SO HUNG, feeling the resonance travel up to your heart centre. This mantra is a meditation on the creative spark and our ability to co-create reality with those around us (‘Creator, I am that’).

This can be practiced for 3-11 minutes; however more experienced yogis/yoginis can extend their practice up to 31 minutes.

Melissa/ Ravi Har teaches Kundalini yoga at Kundalini House on Tuesdays 8pm- 9:15pm.
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