Here at Kundalini House, we’ve asked our Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Naturopaths what they ate to replenish their energy and nourish their resources during pregnancy and after birthing.

Here’s their recommendations:

  • Eat warming, cooked foods rather than cold salads and raw foods
  • Ask your family to arrange a ‘meal train’ so your loved ones can drop you meals on a schedule. Feeling supported by your community has many benefits and lightens the load so you have more time to rest. You can even download app to arrange your meal train!
  • Include bone broths in your diet to support breast milk production. Have a cup each morning or use it in place of stock in recipes. It can be made ahead of time and frozen or brought in powder/ paste form, we love the flavoured organic bone broth powders by Nutra Organics which we sell at Kundalini House.
  • Eat qi/energy boosting foods such as rice, oats, sweet potato, button or shitake mushroom, basil, ginger.
  • Eat blood/fluid building foods such as beetroot, dark leafy greens, avocado, dates, kidney beans, eggs.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated and rest whenever possible, resist the urge to bounce back quickly and enjoy your ‘golden month’.

Need some inspiration? A day of post-partum nourishing foods that can be prepped ahead of time & consumed through the week could look like:

Breakfast- Oats with apple & pear stewed in ginger & cinnamon OR eggs, garlic kale & mushrooms on wholegrain toast

Lunch- Warm roasted root vegetable salad with spinach & quinoa OR bone broth with miso paste, soba noodles & veg

Dinner- Slow cooker lamb shanks with mashed sweet potato OR hearty chicken & vegetable soup with cannellini beans & herbs

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