Daylight savings has begun and spring is in the air!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of

🌿Liver & Gallbladder

🌿Wood element

🌿Growth & renewal

🌿Cleansing & detoxification

Signs that your liver qi/ wood element may be out of balance include temporal headaches, irritability or anger, rib or hip pain, dry sore eyes, brittle nails, premenstrual breast tenderness and period pain.

The liver relates to tendon & sinew health. If your joints are feeling stiff and tendons inflexible, this is a sign your liver is not nourishing them adequately. A fantastic way to improve your tendons is gentle stretching and yoga!

Whether you love a hatha flow or a slow yin class, asanas (poses) encourage qi and blood flow deep within the joints, while also creating a calm yet focused mental state.

Other great ways to regulate the liver & wood element this spring include:

  • Move your qi by exercising outdoors
  • Give your eyes a rest by looking at nature rather than screens
  • Eat green foods like broccoli & Kale, and sour foods like fresh green apples & lime
  • Ground yourself in nature by doing some gardening!
  • Try acupuncture or herbal medicine to aid liver detoxification

We chatted with our wonderful Clinical Nutritionist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner Leoni Zakarias about her tips for transitioning into the new season.
“Spring is such lovely season full of bountiful energy, seen as the trees blossom with new growth and the birds sing their morning song.
This time of year is great for citrus fruits, bitter greens, mushrooms and strawberries. Eating with the seasons helps to optimize nutrient intake while also taking in what essential minerals the body may be needing as the season changes.
If your digestion is feeling a bit sluggish, consider adding more fermented/ pickled foods into your diet – Homemade or store bought from the fridge section are both great! Delicious foods such as pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut and miso.
Embrace the morning sun, and allow yourself a little bit of time each day to walk outside barefoot and take a few slow deep restorative breaths. Just a few minutes of a casual breath of breathing in through your nose for 5 1/5 counts and breathing out through your mouth for 5 1/5 counts, can really help with supporting your nervous system and set you up for a more harmonious and self aware day.”

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