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An Evening Of Kirtan With Sun Hyland

An evening of Kirtan With Sun Hyland Saturday 16th November   There a magic that happens when voices come together! The breath deepens, vibrations synchronise and we are transported into the moment, at one with the group. Join local musician and kirtanist Sun Hyland for an evening of call and response mantra singing, a journey [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Planting Hope for the Future at the Sagittarius New Moon   The recent Taurean Full Moon certainly packed a punch, with the Moon, the Sun and Mercury all involved in a dance with Pluto around this event. Pluto, less than two months away from its fated meeting with Saturn, provided a potential release point for [...]

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Teens Yoga – 4 Week Course

Teens Yoga Term 2019 - 4 Week Course November 11th - December 2nd 2019 3:45-4:45pm   The Teens Yoga Course is based on the practice of Kundalini yoga for people aged between 12 and 17 and will introduce yoga and meditation in a safe and supportive environment. Each class will include a unique combination of [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Transformational Times and Tuning into Nature’s Rhythms at the Taurus Full Moon  The recent Scorpio New Moon set the tone for the deep healing that so many of us appear to be immersed in at this time. After meeting up with Venus on Halloween, Mercury goes retrograde for an intense Scorpionic journey the very next [...]

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Kundalini & Somatic Workshop to heal trauma With SatGuru Khalsa

Kundalini & Somatic Workshop to heal trauma With SatGuru Khalsa Working with boundaries and the vital life force - Restoring broken boundaries after Trauma   Date: Saturday 26th October Time: 1-4pm Price: $50 Full/ $45 Concession/ $40 Members Book Here Hands on workshop to feel the sensory system, tracking sensations, understanding a new level of [...]

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