On the 17th of July 2023 the North Node moves into fiery and cardinal Aries and the directly opposing South Node into sociable and diplomatic Libra, bringing a whole new collective karma narrative for the following 18 months. The focus here is on rebalancing through finding the inspiration and courage to support our own goals and creative endeavours. Relationships move into a new evolutionary cycle as we work to balance our desire for autonomy with the necessity of interdependence. With Aries signifying war and its opposite Libra seeking peace, personal power and the power of love will be highlighted. Many peace accords were signed in the previous cycle in 2004/2005. There’s a lesson here about creative freedom being balanced with the needs of others in one’s life.

This month’s New Moon is at 25 degrees of Cancer at 4:32 am on the 18th of July, a degree described  as A Leader of People Wrapped in an Invisible Cloak of Power. The reference here is to the response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive wilful endeavours. This is about a transcendent expression of ‘success’, spiritual rather than merely external, as a sign of inner strength and uncommon endowment. The Moon is in its own sign in Cancer ensuring an emphasis on sensitivity, nurturing and natural rhythms.

On the 22nd of July the Sun, in the final degree of Cancer, opposes Pluto back in the final degree of Capricorn ─ while both form a tense square to the Nodes of the Moon. Collective karma of the deeply transformative type is at issue here and we can expect news relating to corruption of power and taboo secrets being exposed.  This may provide an opportunity for collective healing and release. Then just minutes before the Sun, very close to asteroid Hekete, moves into Leo on the 23rd of July Venus stations retrograde also in Leo, while it is very close to the position of Black Moon Lilith. Repressed feminine energy is up for powerful transformation.  Venus retrograde will put you back in touch with what you love, value, and cherish with a focus on pride, recognition, creative vitality and generosity.

The Full Moon occurs at 4:31 am on the 2nd of August at the 10th degree of Aquarius described as A Person Who Had for a Time Become the Embodiment of a Popular Ideal is Made to Realise that they are not this Ideal. This goes to the theme of the person versus the stereotype and the need to see people for themselves rather than as screens for one’s own dreams and ideals. It also points to the critical need for self-revaluation. This is a Super Full Moon as the Moon makes its closer approach to the earth and may have a slightly stronger effect. Full Moons are a time to decide what, and how much of something, needs to be purged from our lives. With the Moon in Aquarius security is associated with being able to exercise complete freedom of ideas, self expression and innovation.

Finally on the 10th off July Mars moves out of confident and dramatic Leo into helpful but self-critical Virgo, while Mercury, ruler of Virgo, enters creative and connecting Leo on the same day.