Finding your Unique Value: New Moon in Leo and a Full Moon in Pisces

On Sunday the 13th of August, Venus and the Sun unite in Leo creating a once every 19 months sacred geometry Venus star point (an intricate astrological star pattern). In Leo, the regal sign of the Sun’s rulership, the desire for pleasure merges with the creative urge. Venus is at the midpoint of its retrograde cycle, and may find you reviewing relationships of all kinds, revisiting some and perhaps grieving those you’ve lost, or stumbling upon people from your past. It will likely find you in the land of your shadow, pondering your own value, what you value and revisiting how you express yourself. Venus is still retrograde and in the underworld, so patient, tentative steps and a slow approach will harness her full potential. From the 17th of August Venus reappears in the sky as the Morning Star.

Also in Leo, this month’s powerful and electric New Moon occurs at 24 degrees at 7:38 pm on the 16th of August. This is a degree of the zodiac described as: Totally Concentrated upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, a Man is Sitting in a State of Complete Neglect of Bodily Appearance and Cleanliness. This suggests that total concentration is called for as the means to reach an envisioned goal.  At the Leo New Moon there’s a focus on pride and confidence in oneself leading to emotional security. With truth speaking Uranus applying a tight fixed square to the Moon and Sun, this New Moon will be intense there’s a degree of unpredictability and originality and we can generally expect the unexpected. Black Moon Lilith is close to the Sun and the Moon as is Venus and with Chiron, Eris and the nodal access also featuring there’s a powerful opportunity for healing, drawing on strong, rebellious feminine energy.

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd of August and its ruler Mercury stations retrograde the very next day for its usual three week apparently backwards journey. This is a good time for reviewing your plans and tweaking them. Uranus stations retrograde on the 30th of August and Jupiter will follow this trend shortly after just as Venus returns to forward motion. Mars solders on maintaining forward momentum all year long, while the current retrograde drive encourages us to reflect on what’s been happening in our lives.

We are in for a second Full Super Moon this month which occurs at 11:35 am on the 31st of August at the 8th degree of Pisces and is represented as A Girl Blowing a Bugle. This describes a call to participation in the service of humanity, as an evolutionary crisis approaches. This is a somewhat magical time with much asteroid involvement and yet the seriousness of this Full Moon is underlined by the close proximity of the Lord of Karma, Saturn to the Moon. Compassion is on the main agenda for this Full Moon. Full Moons are a time to decide what, and how much of something, needs to be purged from our lives and forgiveness will play an important part in this.