griefAnxiety is rife amongst us.  In this day and age there are more people suffering from anxiety and stress related illnesses than ever in the history of mankind. Anxiety is becoming a living breathing monster that feeds off so many in its path. It is crippling people and destroying lives. Stresses of modern day life leave us feeling drained. As we race through the days our mental health is being challenged constantly.  The pressures of everyday life and city/suburban living takes its toll, particularly on the mind.

We often turn to quicker, less healthy meals, which affects our balance. We are often not eating with our mental clarity or health in mind. Our sleep is affected, and anxiety, stress, nervous issues, fears and phobias are growing amongst us. We turn to substances like sugary foods, fast foods, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes to cope.  Something has to give, and it’s our mental health that suffers.

In today’s fast world, we need to nurture the mind more than ever, however the opposite is happening. Pharmaceutical companies are reaping the financial benefits of this, when ancient, tried and tested natural therapies are often more successful.

The ancient practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy has made an enormous come back in natural healthcare today. Many GP’s recommend its use and it has been tried and tested for many years. Our mind creates and stores reactions and patterns of unwanted behaviour and will continue to replay the patterns over and over, that’s where clinical hypnotherapy can help.  Positive outlooks, reactions and behaviors are repeated and tuned in to the deeply relaxed mind. Here, the brainwave signals are more organized and less random, so naturally the power of suggestion gets in very deep, quickly and effectively creating new ways to deal with stress and pressure.

Hypnotherapy reinforces healthy new reactions and patterns of behaviour that help you to Act not React in many situations.  Successful scripts from the Hypnotherapy Association and Academy of Hypnosis, written by some of Australia’s leading hypnotherapists Doctor Rick Collingwood and Maggie Wilde, lead the way in this modality. Our resident Hypnotherapist at Kundalini House works in the same way, using some of the many tried and tested scripts that are then tailored to your individual needs.

Hypnotherapy is a proven therapy where the mind is relaxed into your subconscious state (Theta). Here change can occur quickly and on a deep level. This is nothing new or scary, but rather a natural state of mind you already experience daily – when you are so relaxed you are operating automatically and not thinking consciously. While in that unthinking trance like state we open and connect to the area of our mind where learned behaviour patterns and blocks come from. Hypnotherapy uses this state to give you a new positive outlook quickly and simply.

Our minds are like an iceberg; the conscious mind is the small section peeking above the surface, however most of our mind, the deep subconscious, lies deep within the waters. It is within this subconscious that every memory is stored and where habits, cravings, learned behaviours and blocks exist.

Hypnotherapy quickly reaches this depth, removing negative behaviours or patterns, and creating new ones. Helping the mind to balance, strengthen and create that positive outlook. It’s a tool that can help you cope with the stresses of modern society and create better balance in your life.

Jane Johnston is our resident Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga teacher, Relaxation and Meditation specialist.

For an appointment of further information call Jane on 0417 545 475.