Do you have dreams, goals and aspirations that you have been planning to get started on soon, later,  tomorrow? We all know tomorrow never actually comes, so we could all use a little bit of help to maximise our enjoyment in life, and to achieve the success and aspirations we deserve.  With the assistance of Clinical Hypnotherapy, your confidence, motivation and belief in yourself can be more fully realised.  Creating the dream of your life you have in your mind’s eye.

Through the process of Hypnotherapy, your ideas and plans of the life you really want to create can be strengthened and become enduring, making sure positive thoughts evolve into action and manifestation.

zen garden with leafThrough the process of deep relaxation our thoughts become more focussed and the clutter of the subconscious mind can be cleared. When in a state of guided deep relaxation, the brain wave signals slow down and move from the Beta (fully conscious busy state) to the Alpha and Theta state, where the power of positive suggestion is extremely enhanced and fixed deeply into the mind.  This is simply due to the fact that the brainwave activity is much more organised and less random in this state.

By working with a clinical hypnotherapist, you can create the positive reinforcement you Overcoming-Obstaclesneed to move ahead, to realise your dreams and create the life you really want. Procrastination comes easy and we can all be victims of its clutches.  Perhaps it’s time to let go of past fears and hurts that continue to hold you back and move towards overcoming them.

It’s time to manifest the dream you have in your mind’s eye.  Being hypnotised simply means being guided into a relaxed, natural state of mind.  While in this fully relaxed state positive helpful suggestions can become embedded in your mind so you will have a much better, stress-free, confident life. This could be simply for improving your study skills, life management skills or to build confidence in your career or relationship.  Whatever it is you would like to improve on, the tools of Hypnotherapy are available to support you to make it happen.

Written by Hypnotherapist Jane Johnston

Jane is available for appointments at Kundalini House on Thursday afternoons and evenings.