Get More of the Good Stuff

Often when we make a change the focus is on what we want to give up.  For an example just imagine you want to give up chocolate, so you start to think about giving up the chocolate, the ways not to have that chocolate and how you are going to feel without that chocolate. Your thoughts become dominated by chocolate which ultimately is going to increase your desire to have it.

Another way to make a change is to get more of the good stuff – so what is it you would like to actually have more of?  Is it more fruit and vegetables or nourishing snacks? So focus on having a bowl of fruit with breakfast, start the day with a smoothie or have a bigger serving of salad of vegetables with each meal. You may find tt is easier to bring in more of what nourishes you than focus on what you might be missing out on.

Amazingly when we do get more of the good stuff we actually have less room for the other things that we want to have less of.

This can work with food choices, movement and exercise, gratitude and scheduling.

It does take time to make the change so give yourself a few weeks maybe even 40 days to create the new habit and see how inviting something new into your life can create a nourishing transformation. Be sure to acknowledge your wins step by step as the progress will keep your momentum to keep going.

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