Dreaming our existence in reality.


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein


Living in the world we use our senses of taste, hearing, seeing, touch and smell.  Sight (Vision), Hearing (Auditory), Smell (Olfactory), Taste (gustatory) and Touch (tactile).

We also have two lesser known senses of Vestibular (movement and balance) our ability to maintain balance and body posture with gravity and Proprioception (body position) how we are positioned in space and how we sense movements through sensations in the muscles and joints. (eg. writing with a pen).  Other senses we have the capacity to develop include the ability to see the future (precognition) and see the past (postcognition)


We also have our intuitive mind senses, our 8 clair senses (our spiritiual or psychic senses)

Clairvoyance – Clear seeing

Claircognizance – Clear knowing

Clairaudience – clear hearing

Clairempathy – clear emotional feeling

Clairsentience – clear physical feeling

Clairtangency – clear touching
Clairsalience  – clear smelling
Clairgustance  – clear tasting.


In shamanic journeys such as Crystal Dreaming you access these deeper states of consciousness through the pathways of your clair senses.  Our intuition is the language of our spirit.  We may naturally have a gift in one clair sense but we all have the ability to develop greater alignment with any and all of our clair senses.


In my opinion as a meditation teacher of many years, meditation is made easy when we seek practices that naturally align with our dominant intuitive clair sense.  As is with many meditation practices you may be asked to picture in your minds eye yet if you are not visual or clairvoyant this practice may not come easily. You may feel you can’t meditate or are doing it wrong but in reality there are a number of pathways in to meditative states with the awareness of how our natural intuition communicates.


You can join me to explore your clair senses in the weekly Embodied Meditation class on Thursdays at 12:30pm @ Kundalini House.
Access the multiverse with your clair senses in a Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Journey on Saturdays @ Kundalini House..

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