Body Centered Therapy (BCT) is a mixture of talking and touch therapy. BCT touch is a listening touch, the intention of listening touch is to receive information from the body. To listen to and be with the whole person and all of the physical sensations being experienced within their body.

Our body houses the whole of us, including all of our memories, experiences, wisdom, feelings and needs. Touch that is receptive provides a felt sense of safety to the body. When we feel physically safe and deeply, sensorially held, what has been held frozen will begin to move and heal.

This felt sense of safety brings a visceral, body-based experience of presence and love. Safety is what we need to process difficult and stuck feelings. This leads to restoring trust in yourself, self-compassion, new clarity and relief as well as profound insights, ‘out of the box’ inspired and creative solutions and new ideas for dealing with current life challenges. It also often brings other frozen parts into connectedness such as; playfulness, cheekiness, clarity, creativity… parts of our true nature frozen along with our trauma. When we connect with these other ‘lost parts’ we have a sense of coming home.

This is the instinctive process of healing, integration and transformation.


BCT is for:

Those who have done what they can to get away from, fix, get rid of, deny challenging experiences within them expressed as patterns of feelings, relationships and problems, and who now recognise something else is required. Who are now willing to say yes to themselves at the deepest level.

This is a profound moment readiness for real change.


BCT gives and experience of someone being so present to you enabling you to meet yourself deeply. This is allowing your body and your instincts to be the wise guides that they are. This is truly self love.


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