A lovely winter relaxation for Mums and new Mums 2 B.
Written by Jane Johnston
Imagine yourself on a beach, on  a warm summers day, sitting in the shade of a beautiful palm. There is a gentle breeze blowing softly upon your skin and you are looking out into a beautiful blue lagoon. It’s your lagoon and you are watching the gentle waves lapping at the beach near your feet. The sound is soothing as the waves gently lap the shore. You walk to the water’s edge feeling the warm sand between your toes.
You decide to swim out to the centre of your lagoon, stopping every now and then to gaze at the beautiful waterfall on your left.

The waters are smooth like velvet upon your skin and all of your troubles are fading away as you swim further and further out into the centre of your lagoon.
It’s like looking through glass to the sandy white bottom of your lagoon and you can see star fish and shells on the bottom. You also notice small silver schools of fish dashing beneath the surface. You feel the swish of the waters movement as the fish pass beneath you.
On the left hand side of the lagoon, fresh waters flow down from the rocky cliff into the water and the sound is so peaceful and tranquil.

The water running through the gentle waterfalls is magical and will dissolve all negative energy. These magical waters cleanse and clear all negativity, dissolve and absolve all negativity, whether of the Physical or Energetic world , and the violet rays of transmutation will rise up out of the water and return to the universal energy bank as pure positive energy.

The rocks are glistening in the sunshine and you swim gently towards the stream of water  that is splashing into your lagoon. The velvet water makes you feel more peaceful, more calm and more relaxed than ever before.

As you reach the cascading water you take a full breath of air, filling your lungs from the bottom to the top and swim through the cascading stream releasing all negative thoughts patterns and behaviours into the stream of letting go. Another breath takes you through the flow a second time and you begin to feel lighter.
All negative energy; all fears, hurts, pains, any energy of procrastination self sabotage, anything that is holding you back any negative thoughts patterns and behaviours are released. You begin to feel even lighter. Lighter and lighter, a sense of lightness and joy floods your body your mind and your energy field. You feel light and free calm and balanced, happy and strong.

You make a silent commitment to yourself to return to this peaceful place within your mind whenever you need to return, to be restored and renewed, revitalised and rejuvenated at any time you wish.

Jane Johnston is a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Kundalini House.

Ph:0417 545 475
Hypno-birthing, Stress, Anxiety, Weight loss, Fears and Phobias

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