Kundalini House has recently had our brand new Bio Ceuticals range arrive! This is a family run company and their supplements of the finest quality that taste great! If you have never tried Bio Ceuticals before , we urge to try them.
Here are a few reasons why we think BioCeuticals are way above the rest.
• Quality controlled and assurance with sourcing and testing raw materials
• Raw materials sourced from specialist manufacturers
• Manufactures are selected for their excellence in industry research, development, innovation, technological standards, equipment and manufacturing processes
• Bioceuticals has an on gong stability of testing program that ensures the efficiency and the potency for shelf life of products.
• They rely and act of customer feed back to improve products
• A team of healthcare professionals conduct ongoing clinical evaluations to demonstrate effectiveness of formulations.
• Practitioner dispensed products only so that you know that what you are buying is most suited to you.

“We strongly believe that effective nutritional supplementation relies upon the science behind the product. Since inception, we have built our reputation on a solid foundation of science and research. Our range of professional formulae represents the pinnacle of science, technology and tradition in a range of time tested micro nutrients, medical foods and nutraceuticals.”
On this occasion, there are no contraindications, but the use of certain types can simply reduce or completely change the effect of Levitra.
(BioCeuticals, Quality NutraCeuticals, www.bioceuticals.com.au/company.aspx)

If you would like to know more about BioCeutical products please ask to speak to one of our practitioners here at Kundalini House.