My favorite aspect of Kundalini yoga today (because it always changes) is the breath work. Before any actual poses – sitting and focusing on the breath allows us to drop into the here and now, reacquainting ourselves with our higher-self. It feels good to get reconnected!   In Kundalini yoga we tend to use a lot of pranayama (breath work), particularly ‘breath of fire’ and this helps to heal the nervous system and gain even more out of a pose. This cultivates the feeling of expansion and relaxation with long, deep breathing. Also the breath work in some meditations can be such a useful tool to clear the psyche of old out dated patterning. The approach that I have to my own practice is the more I do the more I gain. It’s not necessarily about fixing things, its more about strengthening certain attributes like patience and the ability of letting go or focusing on one task at a time. That’s how I pick my set, be it fast or slow.

Having mainly studied the Chinese and Japanese meridian philosophies (which I still love), the chakra system was missing.  Kundalini yoga had it and this is one of the reasons why I was drawn to the practice of Kundalini.  Kundalini yoga also resonated with me on a feminine level; I have found Adi Shakti (divine mother) has been woven through everything I have learned throughout my journey.

It was only the other day, I found the Kriya to Master Your Domain on the internet. Now I see it in books that I’ve had for a while, it’s perfect timing for me to meet this Kriya. I feel stronger, more grounded mentally and physically.

My favorite asana is half lotus as it helps my body feel relaxed and I remind myself of a Buddha sitting on a lotus flower.

Written by Julie Fowler / Hari Kirtan
Jules teaches at Kundalini House on Thursday mornings from 9:30-11am

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