BioCeuticals B12 comes in a nifty liquid spray which means that it’s more easily absorbed in the body.  Studies have shown that this oral method of taking B12 can be as effective as the B12 injection.  The delicious minty flavour also means that there is no problem with actually wanting to take it!
In a nutshell, B12 serves as an important factor in maintaining an overall healthy body. Here’s how.
•    It is required for maintaining healthy red blood cells, nervous system and maintaining a healthy methylation pathway
•    Helps with fertility in both men and women
•    Can aid in healthy gastrointestinal functioning
•    Increase in energy production
•    Assists in healthy liver function

This spray may be beneficial for people at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency including the elderly, vegetarians and vegans (BioCeuticals).

Kundalini House has BioCeuticals B12 Liquid Spay available in a 50ml bottle for $22.65.

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