We often feel that we lack the time, we think we need to shift our mindset.  One of my favourite things about Kundalini Yoga is the fact that you can simply do a little bit of work and be amazed at the shift. It is worth noting that the mind follows the breath and the body follows the mind.  The next time you catch yourself being frantic or overwhelmed, notice how your mind is racing and correlate this to your breath pattern and body position – you will usually find that your breathing is shallow or perhaps constricted.  This could be due to a number of issues, for example, sitting slumped over a computer or having to wear restrictive clothing such as ties and belts. We can beneficially impact this situation in a matter of minutes. Come to sitting with a straight spine, if you need, loosen any item that is causing you to be restricted.    The following ‘9-Minute Tune up’ sequence can be done in a chair or seated cross legged on the floor.

30 Seconds  –

Sitting with a straight spine, eyes closed and rolled to the Third eye point, and hands in Prayer Pose, infront of the heart. Bring focus to the moment by following the Breath, in and out, slow and steady, allowing the breath to soften and deepen on each inhale, and release and let go, on each exhale.

30 Seconds  –

Always tune in with the Adi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x 3  You can mentally vibrate this if it does not work for you to be chanting at the office!

1 minute – Long Deep Breathing

1 minute – Spinal Flexes

1 minute – Spinal Twists

1 minute – Neck Rolls

1 minute – Shoulder Shrugs

3mins To Brighten Your Outlook

So this is a great exercise for when you are feeling blue and a bit down on you, or others, or life! Gather up all those negative vibes, judgments and feelings and be prepared to release them.

• Come into a comfortable seated position, with your spine straight. If you are in a chair, bring both feet flat on the floor.

• Cup your hands in front of you, placing right hand over left. Eyes should be 9/10th closed, looking at your hands.

• Inhale deeply through the nose, thinking of the negative thoughts and feelings, then hold the breath comfortably and briefly.

• Powerfully exhale through the mouth, blowing the negativity out over your hands. Go for it! Get it all out!



• Inhale and hold your breath while squeezing every muscle in your body…Exhale and Relax

• Bring the hands together in Prayer Pose infront of the heart centre, close with a long Sat and short Nam

Enjoy 😉

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