Intergrity logo with slogan V1When I met Tracey Thomson, I didn’t realise we would click like we did. Knowing her now and having heard her story, it really makes sense. It’s nice to know we played a part in her wonderful birthing experience. Tracey attended Prenatal Yoga classes at Kundalini House in the lead up to having her first child at the age of 41.  She enjoyed the classes and the relaxed atmosphere in the lead up to giving birth to Benjamin.

Tracey & BenjThe birth was almost text book in that she took no pain killers, had a water birth, experienced no pain (thanks to hypno-birthing), breast fed for an hour after giving birth and gave birth to the placenta naturally, again without any outside stimulation or drugs being administered. The same day, in fact 6 hours later, Tracey ‘walked’ out of hospital to return home with her husband Mark to rest and nurture Benjamin.

So why did I meet with Tracey? Well the plot thickens. She is also the CEO & Founder of Integrity Cosmetics, a company which provides a range of Australian made, certified organic skincare. And I must say after only using one of the products for a few days I was very pleasantly surprised! I could already see a difference in my skin.

Tracey shared her story with me about why she created Integrity so I thought I’d share it with you. You see it’s no ordinary skincare range. Tracey has a passion for health & wellbeing, the environment and philanthropy and along the way had dealt with health issues including being diagnosed with celiac. “That was a turning point for me” said Tracey . “I had to seriously change my diet in order to get my health back. During this process I discovered a book called The Chemical Maze by Bill Statham. I started looking through the chemicals and was curious as to what was in my personal care products and frankly I was shocked.” One by one Tracey checked the ingredients in her bathroom cabinet with The Chemical Maze to find that nearly every single product contained ingredients that she refused to use.

You see what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream within 20-30 minutes. So why would you put something on your skin that contains carcinogens, toxic ingredients, is made from petroleum or is banned in Canada and the EU? Tracey had clearly made this choice and promptly tossed each product in the rubbish as she checked the ingredients lists.

What makes Integrity’s organic skincare different from everything else out there is that it was created on a foundation of kinesiology. Tracey worked with kinesiology practitioners to test the products using the scale of consciousness from 0-1,000 created by Dr.David R Hawkins, author of Power vs Force. Dr Hawkins had instigated many blind tests, including tests on organic vegetables versus non organic products. With no surprise the organic vegetables calibrated higher on the scale than the non organic variety.

The Integrity products calibrate over the level of 500, with one product just under 500. On Dr Hawkins scale the level of 500 is significant as it denotes the level of love. Most humans living in first world countries calibrate in the 300’s and some of the worlds most noted geniuses past and present are noted to calibrate under 500. So it’s no surprise that when you use Integrity products, you actually feel better for it. I tried the Rejuvenating Moisturiser for my dry skin. It contains Frankincense essential oil, which is a great anti-aging ingredient and very rarely found in skincare products, despite the beauty industry putting it on a pedestal. “Due to the extremely high cost of Frankincense essential oil, you don’t find it used in products because manufacturers want to keep their costs down and it’s expensive to use. We’re committed to using only the best quality ingredients, which is why our products are certified organic with the ACO, a food grade standard of certification, among the best in the world. This also backs up the products calibrating over 500. It all makes sense!”

Tracey IntegrityI must say I was surprised when Tracey admitted she was 42. And being a mother myself, I know how tired you can be and look when you have a 9 month old. I’m guessing that the Integrity products have something to do with Tracey’s fresh post natal appearance, being younger than her years.

By Billie Atherstone

Billie is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Kinesiologist and Bowen/NST Practitioner and has been involved in the healing arts for 15 years.  Billie is also a co-owner of Kundalini House.

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