Kirtan is a practice of traditional Indian Devotional Chanting-  an enjoyable and simple way to achieve a blissful state of yogic peace and purification.

Traditional Sanskrit Mantras are sung with the accompaniment of Harmonium, Indian percussion and nowadays guitar bass and other instruments. The Kirtan “Leader” sings the mantra and the group repeats in unison. (Kirtan is often referred to as “Call and Response” chanting)

It is not required to worship or even identify with the Hindu deities represented- their names are symbolic of the wonderful qualities they represent, and the sounds that make up those names have an energy and power of their own. Kirtan is a powerful joyful practice that activates the breath, clears the mind and stimulates the flow of prana throughout the body. It also creates a wonderful sense of connectedness within the group. You don’t need experience and you don’t need to be able to sing or know Sanskrit- it’s an easy practice for everyone.

I can try and explain it, but there’s only one way to really appreciate Kirtan- and that’s to experience it. I am pretty excited that now I will be hosting regular Kirtan at Kundalini House. Please come and join me.

Sun Hyland