Bowen is a gentle structural technique that aims to gently stimulate the body’s own innate healing mechanism, reminding the physical body to realign itself where possible.

  • If there is tension in one part of the body the whole musculoskeletal system can be compromised and effected, creating pain, discomfort or simply feeling physically out of whack. The rolling Bowen moves over specific muscles, ligaments and tendons encourage the balance of tension. Just like the ropes of a tent need to be balanced and equal to stand up straight we also need this balance to feel aligned.

The Bowen client receives a whole body balance focusing on lower and upper back, sacrum and hips, neck and jaw. So whether there is a shoulder or knee problem, digestion or dizziness issues the whole body is addressed. Sometimes an issue actually originated somewhere other than where the pain may be felt or experienced.

Bowen is gentle, non invasive and does not involve manipulation. The technique can be done through loose comfortable clothing and is suitable for all ages including during pregnancy. This technique is deeply relaxing as the parasympathetic nervous system is switched on and the body goes into healing mode.

After Bowen, pain can be greatly relieved, clients often say they sleep better, have more energy and feel less stressed.

Structurally Bowen may help to alleviate:
Headaches /migraines
Knee pain
Shoulder issues
Back problems
Hip and pelvis alignment problems
Neck tension
Jaw/ TMJ pain, clicking & teeth grinding
RSI (repetitive strain injury)
Dizziness and balance issues
Postural issues
General muscle pain & tension

So if you are Bowen curious book a session with one of our Bowen Therapists at Kundalini house, we would love to share this technique with you.

Carolyn Hall
Kundalini House
Naturopath and Bowen Therapist
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