Love is in the Air

The New Moon this month occurs at 10:42 pm on Saturday the 18 November in the fixed water sign Scorpio. The Moon joins the Sun, Jupiter and Venus, all in the passionate and intense sign of Scorpio. At its best Scorpio is associated with healing and self-mastery. Meanwhile Saturn and Uranus are in the final week of a harmonious fire trine aspect, in a transit which has been in effect for much of the last year. Perhaps this has assisted us to make changes through bringing together innovation with the best of tradition in our lives.

The New Moon is always a good time to seed new plans and this annual Scorpio New Moon is a particularly powerful one. The focus is on realising what is repressed or stuck in one’s life and moving towards new ways of being and self mastery. Jupiter in Scorpio is also moving towards a harmonious trine with Neptune in Pisces which will assist us to transition with ease over the next ten months. This heralds the potential for great expansion and healing.

A note of caution with this New Moon is the exact and challenging square that Mars will be briefly forming with Pluto. For a day or two after the New Moon it is best to avoid any tendency towards aggression.

Over the next few weeks Saturn is at the Galactic Centre, retracing a long visit there from February to June this year. The Galactic Centre, the rotational centre of the Milky Way, is a very powerful energetic and informational source. It is said to be associated with significant downloads of information.

While the next column will focus more on demystifying Mercury Retrograde, it is worth mentioning that Neptune moves stationary direct on the 22nd November. Over the following couple of weeks, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Pluto and Neptune are all moving forward. This will be a potent time for getting things done, before Mercury goes retrograde on 3rd December.

When a planet moves out of its retrograde period the symbolism is magnified for a few days on either side. With Neptune in its ruling planet of Pisces about to move forward, the focus is on unconditional love and healing. The imagery of the recent demonstration of the Australian population’s embrace of marriage equality comes to mind. Unconditional love is in the air, and there are already tremendous indications of a great emotional release from past hurts, shame and mistreatment of the LBGTI community. The embrace by the broader community is being felt quite palpably at the time of writing, contrasting earlier times of relative intolerance by larger sections of the community.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House.