Kundalini Yoga for Strength & Stamina

with Jo Nation


8-week Kundalini Yoga course on Tuesdays 6.30-7.30am

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What are you excited about for your upcoming course?
I’ll be introducing some kriyas that I haven’t yet had a chance to teach. They are quite physically involved and I’m excited to not only work on them for myself but also to facilitate that journey for students- I think we’re all going to get a lot out of it!
What will students learn and take-away?

I believe students will begin to realise and become more aware of their own resilience and stamina, perhaps they’ll even surprise themselves with their own power! We’ll be working the Nahbi (navel) area through core strength as well as improving cardiovascular fitness. But this is much more than physical stamina, as each week will produce a specific outcome, this is the beauty of Kundalini. Students will have the chance to transform from the inside out and elevate the spirit through the 8 week course.

What inspired you to do the course?

I am currently studying a degree in Health Science and have become rather fascinated with the functioning of the human body and it’s interrelated systems. Every action we take externally, including exercise and meditation, affects the inner workings in such profound ways, right down to each and every of our trillion cells. That we can have such an influence on the optimal running of our body and mind through yoga and in particular these kriyas is very inspiring.

Do you have tips for keeping us committed to the practice?

Ha! Resistant to commitment, I see this often especially through winter and admittedly I catch myself resisting too at times. I think deep down we all know that a committed practice is the ultimate power however Yogi Bhajan had this to say “Commitment is knowledge within itself. You don’t commit to get the knowledge. When you commit, knowledge comes to you. If you can commit and hold on to it, there is nothing more you have to learn. When you commit, things will happen which will shift in you, change you, stop you… Even if you forget the truth that is the basis of you, if you continue to be committed, that’s all it takes. Commitment does not ‘begin’ anything. Commitment is the end in itself.”

Why is this course important?

Not only will we work on creating optimal functioning of the nervous, endocrine and lymphatic systems- which help govern our metabolism, immunity and emotional wellbeing- an underlying outcome of commitment gives strength of character too. And from this strength of character lie our strength of values. And the stronger we make our values, as well as building inner mental and outer physical strength, the deeper we can align with out true self. Sat Nam