Playing the Gong –

the experience of playing the divine instrument

by the Gong Puja team, edited by Siri Daya


Just as everyone who is relaxing on a mat during a gong bath has a unique experience, gong players also report different feelings, emotions and sensations. However, without exception, we all love playing the gong and are deeply affected by the sounds and vibrations. Most describe being in a meditative state while playing, even though we are fully present to what we are doing.

Each gong has unique qualities and sounds, and has a different effect when played. We all love our own gongs and the others that our friends bring along, and we enjoy getting to know each magnificent instrument.

During a gong bath or gong puja, some players are transported into a different realm and feel themselves merging with the universal consciousness, where time seems to stand still and the body is in a state of constant vibration. Being so close to the gong physically, we feel these vibrations with great intensity. One of the regular players at the gong pujas often meditates on the nervous system and observes the healing and strengthening that takes place with the gong vibrations.

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, we have been trained to play by people who were, in turn, trained directly by Yogi Bhajan, the person who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in the 1960s. For extra intensity, and in line with this training, many of us mentally chant and play to a mantra. This takes us into a very blissful, relaxed state of inner shuniya (silence), perfect for projecting healing energy.

Whether playing or being played to, we love the sounds and the effects of these divine instruments.

The Gong Puja team



About the Overnight Gong Puja

What is Gong Puja?
The Gong Puja is a sacred celebration and sound meditation, developed by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux. The Gong Puja lasts 7 ½ hours which is the equivalent of 10 x 45minute gong baths.
It is believed that 45 minutes is the time taken to complete a full sound journey. This is based on Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto’s research into planetary frequencies which are those used in the planetary gongs today.
Yogi Bhajan believed that the Gong was the most powerful tool for healing. Yogi Bhajan taught that the 45 minute gong session would clear any immediate blocks and that 10 sessions would clear most blocks.
Gong Puja gives you 10 consecutive 45 minute gong sound immersions bathing in the sound of the gong, as developed and taught by Don Conreaux. During the puja we sleep through the night into the early morning bathed in the healing sound vibrations
Immersed in the sound of the gong you may repair, cleanse, release tension and blocks. A deep state of relaxation maybe experienced, inner stillness and deep healing can occur – we meditate, or sleep, possibly a sleep like no other; possibly the sleep as though awake in a dream.
From 8.30pm you may start to arrive, set-up your bed, . . . . Puja will commence at 9.15pm with the 7 ½ hour Gong immersion commencing at 10pm. We will conclude early Sunday morning. The Gong immersion will complete at 5.30am and Puja will finish at 6.15am. You may remain after Puja until 7.30am on the Sunday at which time the room will need to be cleared.
Gong Puja is an individual experience, like the experience of a Gong Bath Sound immersion, the experience of each person in the room maybe quite different. Trust your experience is perfect for you.
Sat Nam
Puja is brought to you by Cathy Loughrey in collaboration with Ghinni Foster, Rae Garvie/Jai Gopal Kaur, Praveen Hewage, Saskia Cleary/Sach Prem Kaur, Paul Fry/Siri Daya and Geoff Charles with Kundalini House.