Yoga and meditation for self-care

Spring has sprung, Summer is around the corner and we are all getting ready to be outside and active!

This time of year, with all the energy bursting forward and new growth, is the perfect time to embark on a committed journey for our well-being. Well-being and self-care may appear like phrases to you that have been used abundantly, especially with the steady growth of the integrative, alternative health and wellness industries. And while some of us may feel overwhelmed or even a little cynical  about the strong encouragement to look after ourselves, we like to focus on how wonderful it actually is that we are so fortunate to live in a place and time where well-being and self-care are so highly regarded that they made it into the mainstream vocabulary. In addition, we also invite you to take a moment and think about what well-being and self-care and looking after yourself mean to you. What encouragement do you need to put yourself first, up there on your to-do list? Remember, there is not right and wrong.

For us, Yoga is high on our list of self-care and well-being. Seems like a no-brainer, right? After all Kundalini House encompasses a Health Clinic, retail store and … Yoga Studio. While dedicated Yogis and Yoginis have been aware of the positive effects of yoga on physical, emotional and mental well-being for a while, scientific research is increasingly backing up the benefits of yoga and meditation and if you are interested in how those practices can assist in the recovery from PTSD symptoms, please follow this link where you can find Yoga and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: An Interview with Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. (Integral Yoga Magazine (2009), pp.12-13) The interview is undertaken with renowned trauma specialist Bessel van der Kolk, whose publications include The Body Keeps the Score (which can be bought in our retail store).

For those of you who are yearning for, interested in, curious about, engrossed in, in love with… Yoga practice, we have put together a little lowdown of our memberships and what you gain from a commitment to yourself, your practice, and yes: your well-being and self-care. Head to our timetable here. If you have any questions, ask our lovely reception on (03) 9482 4325.


Monthly House Membership

Unlimited Classes
Over 28 classes to choose from
min. 3 month commitment
Not valid for prenatal yoga or yoga courses


Works out at $15 per class if you attend 2 classes a week


Member specials, including free and discounted treatments
No-fuss cancellation after first 3 months
Easy Monthly Auto Pay
Over 28 classes per week
Classes run 7 days a week
Transition from the Intro offer and save $36
Free 54 days per year membership pause
Special membership discounts on selected workshops & courses


Steady Yogi Membership

Want a regular and flexible Yoga practice but don’t have much time or money?

Then go steady with Kundalini House and pay only $25 a week for two classes that can be booked flexibly across the week. That means you only pay $12.50 per class!

Benefits include:

One free annual pause for up to 27 days
Kundalini House yoga equipment use free of charge
A Birthday Special treatment once a year for your birthday
Easy Direct Debit each week
Kundalini House member ticket prices for applicable events

$25/ week direct debit

Minimum length 3 months


Partner Membership

Are you and your partner ready to take the step of joining up for unlimited Yoga and Kundalini House benefits together?

Perfect for two yogis who want to practice, reap the benefits and save together! Pay $230 a month, save $40, come to three classes a week and pay less than $9 per class.

Benefits include:

Come off the Intro pass & get the second month for $190
Two free annual pauses for up to 27 days
Kundalini House yoga equipment use free of charge
A Birthday Special treatment once a year for your birthday for both members
Easy Direct Debit every month
Kundalini House member ticket prices for applicable events

Save $40 every month

$230/ month direct debit

Join this membership at reception.

Counts for two people who are in a relationship and live together (proof required)
Minimum length 3 months