My Practice

by Tina LaRocca


I am passionate about helping people find balance and renewal amidst the stresses of life…. and relief from pain that shows up in our bodies. My work is not only about treating the symptoms but about finding the cause or source of the problem. I am also a lecturer in Remedial Massage and the one thing I teach my students is that we should always be curious as to why the body is responding in pain… what is causing the pain… where does it come from. Unless we address where and what the body is doing, we will never understand why we suffer pain.

My other passion is how we think and how that makes us feel. This has taken me to train as a Kinesiologist and now a counsellor. Both modalities are a wonderful mix of east meets west. The wonderful ability to use an eastern philosophy in Kinesiology and to incorporate the slightly more traditional approach of counselling. My approach is more solution focused therapy… I believe the past has a role in our behaviour and patterns in life but I also believe that the past doesn’t serve the present or future… my approach is more about what one wants their life to look like not what it has looked like…. how to get where you want to go… how to achieve your goals.

I brings my true self to the counselling room to engage my client’s most true self. Working as equals, together we identify goals and engage in exploring each concern with curiosity and openness. I take my client’s lead but tend to work in the here and now, accessing the past if it appears to be a barrier to the future. My training and experience includes but is not limited to the following areas:
▪ Anxiety
▪ Depression
▪ Grief and loss
▪ Abuse
▪ Relational and couples counselling
▪ Youth counselling
▪ Stress
▪ Self-esteem
▪ Communication

My other focus is how we think and how those thoughts cause us great pain… in my sessions I like to investigate thoughts and inquire into the truth of these thoughts… after all thoughts are just that, thoughts. Yet they cause most of such pain and sadness. What if you realised that the thoughts were not actually true… they were just thoughts … how would you feel?

Come join me and see how it can take you to a better place…



tina larocca massage therapist melbourneTina LaRocca is a Counsellor, Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist. She is available for appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays.