Kundalini House welcomes a new yoga teacher, Atira Tan, to our community of yoga teachers.  Atira is an Anusara Inspired Hatha Yoga teacher, and has been practicing yoga for 13 years, and teaching since 2007.  She is also an Expressive Art Therapist, Sacred Dance Facilitator and Meditation and Pranayama Teacher.  Having taught internationally in Asia, USA and Australia, she teaches both public and private classes, as well as facilitating yoga workshops and retreats around the world.  She has been blessed with the opportunity of traveling and studying with many international spiritual teachers in India, Europe, USA and Australia, following her passion of yoga and thirst for awakening.

In addition to teaching yoga, Atira is also the director of the Art@Healing Project, a Australian based non-profit organization that provides mental and emotional support through art therapy, yoga and meditation to disenfranchised women and children, sex trafficked survivors in particular, in Asia and the Pacific.

Anusara means “to flow with the currents of the Heart.”  Anusara Inspired Yoga is a beautiful and heart felt practice that weaves in the elements and inspiration of life affirming tantric philosophy, powerful anatomical principles of alignment and an approach which is based on building community and connection.

In Anusara Yoga, we believe that when we allow ourselves to open up to the currents of the Heart in our yoga practice and lives, an entire Universe can reveal itself from inside out as the currents of our own hearts.  We connect through our practice to the light of consciousness that is giving birth to itself right inside of us all the time, as the Divine lives as us and in the fullness of all our experiences.

Atira’s teaching style encompasses a strong emphasis on meditation, pranayama and connecting breath to movement, and moving into postures with intention and clarity.  Her classes are nurturing and nourishing , and joyful and exuberant.  She believes in creating strong relationships with her students, and inspiring her students to connect to their own deep inner wisdom so that they can flow through life with peace , joy and acceptance, on and off the yoga mat.