Written by Sarit Musat, Massage Therapist

Scoliosis is a condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side and appears as an ‘s’ or a ‘c’ and almost always involves a bend to the right.  The cause can be unknown or it may be a result of a certain vertebrae anomalies at birth.  Scoliosis occurs and worsens most commonly in adolescents and will affect girls 7 times more frequently than boys.

Taken from healthcentral.com

There is no known cure for this condition and many people live with scoliosis without experiencing any obvious symptoms.  However, if the scoliosis is at more than a 40 degree deviation in childhood, which means that the scoliosis is visible & may be causing discomfort, the chances are, it will worsen.  Scoliosis will typically progress at 1% per year.

Treating Scoliosis naturally rather than going down the path of wearing a brace and/or surgery, is a very valid decision.  There are many techniques with can benefit scoliosis.  Massage treatment can offer much needed relief by reducing tension that causes spinal imbalance and massage will certainly not make the condition any worse.  Caught early enough, many inefficient posture habits can be changed without any permanent damage.   Bone is living, adaptable tissue and if left untreated the vertebrae will eventually remould to permanently imprint a posture pattern.

Postural deviations can range from being painfully obvious to quite subtle.  A visual examination yields much information about kyphosis (an over developed thoracic curve)and lordosis (over pronounced lumbar curve) as well as scoliosis.

Our massage therapists can work together with you to improve your posture and effectively manage your condition.

A good resource and information website you could also refer to about scoliosis is Scoliosis Australia

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