You might have noticed the posters around Kundalini House advertising the wonderful D3 drops that have just arrived and are from our new bio ceutical range…..and for good reason too!  Despite our sunny climate there are a significant numbers of Australians who are deficient in Vitamin D.   Did you know that D3 gives nutritional support for the maintenance of skeletal, cardiovascular and immune systems?  Statistics show that it may also contribute to the reduction of falls by 60% in older adults therefore reducing the risk of fractures.   D3 is also great for prostate health.  Here’s a summary of why we need to keep on top of our D3 intake.

Vitamin D is essential for:

  • Bone development and health
  • Healthy gene expression
  • Balance, posture and muscle function in elderly people
  • Muscle strength in both adults and children
  • Heart health (may prevent heart failure and stroke by up to 62%)
  • Blood pressure and kidney function
  • Prostate health
  • Immunity

Bio Ceutical D3 Drops are available from Kundalini House in a 20 ml bottle for $32.95

This product has not been shown to be contraindicated during pregnancy or lactation

and is vegetarian friendly