Spring is a time of new beginnings and awakening after our winter dreaming…

The sight of the green colour of tender young plants nourishes the soul through the eyes, so the appetite for food decreases and the body naturally cleanses itself, not only of food     residues, but of excessive desire and the accompanying emotions of dissatisfaction,     impatience, and anger as well. The metaphorical membrane over the eyes and mind     disappears, and vision becomes clearer. Things are seen in new ways.

Healing with Whole Foods

The color green is connected with the heart chakra and this is a wonderful time of year to eat lots of fresh greens and to drink fresh herbal teas to assist the body in its ‘spring clean’.

Try a combination of the trinity roots: onion, garlic, ginger for purification. It is also wonderful to drink herbal teas such as fresh: spearmint, river mint, peppermint and lemon balm, simply steep in boiling water.


Soak  a * handful of green splitpeas overnight, chop 1 large potato, one large onion and one large leek.

Saute a pinch of freshly ground corriander seeds, 3 green cardamon pods and a pinch of fennel seeds in a knob of ghee (clarified butter) or oil and then add the onion and a pinch of sea salt. When the onion has just started to brown add the leeks and potatoes and  then add the lentils and cover with water (or vegetable stock). Bring to the boil and then simmer on low heat  for 45 minutes and then garnish with some  fresh coarsely chopped basil,  chopped parsley and baby spinach or rocket. Top with a spoonful of yoghurt (optional).

*Note: traditionally Ayurveda uses no measuring instruments other than the hands! a cupped hand of lentils or rice and a pinch of spices with your own hands will be perfectly suited to your own body!!

Written by Vicky Basdeo