In the yogic tradition the date of 11.11.11 is when we move into the Aquarian Age.  What a blessing and what an extraordinary time in history.  We are alive at a time when we are seeing and experiencing such transformation, change and perhaps for some uncertainty. For the past 21 years we have been in the cusp between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages.

The Piscean Age highlighted the attitude of “I believe, so therefore I experience”, whereas the Aquarian Age will be “I experience, so therefore I believe”.  Energetically, the Piscean Age focused at the Navel Point (3rd Chakra), our point of power.  In the Aquarian Age there will be a shift of focus to the Heart Point.

In the Piscean Age, people needed to gain knowledge.  Searching out secret texts, trekking up the Himalayas to find a teacher, accessing sacred practices was necessary to gain knowledge and thus power.  Power was focused on the individual.  What school did you go to?’, ‘How many cars do we have’ and ‘Who had sex with whom?’.  Hierarchies dominated.
Thankfully the character of the Aquarian Age is awareness and energy…  Information is not enough.  Neither is knowledge.  We need wisdom.

We are now surrounded by technology, we have easy access to texts, teachings and knowledge and we have an infinite amount of choice.  In the awakening of the Aquarian Age there are no secrets.  All of which is a plus, but also a curse!  It can be overwhelming, draining and hard to cope.  This is a time when mental illness will be very common.
But don’t be dis-heartened.  All we need is love!  Well, corny as it sounds, it is true.  The Aquarian Age is about developing the heart and building our inner world.  It’s inside what matters!! Oops, there I go again.

Through looking after ourselves and ensuring we have a regular routine of “going within” we will be able to succeed and help ourselves and those around us.  A practice such as meditation, yoga, therapeutic treatments that encourage healing and gaining insight into your Self will build spiritual fitness to enable us to generate enough inner energy to survive and excel under the pressure of our age (lack of time, social demands, info overload).
Committing to a regular practice and body & mind awareness will develop our sensory system to be able to act noble, gracious, kind and compassionate.   What will really count in the Aquarian Age is wisdom, intuition, mental flexibility and group consciousness.  Walk into the Aquarian Age overflowing with energy, take another’s hand and say ‘I know, let me take you there!’

Where do I start??
Go to a yoga class or book in for a treatment!!
Here is a little practice to start you off and to encourage kindness and forgiveness.  To be kind to and forgive others, we first need to show kindness and forgive ourselves.

Each morning, on waking, (or at night before sleeping) reflect on the previous day.  Inhale, and repeat “I forgive my thoughts”, exhale.  Inhale, and repeat “I forgive myself”, exhale.  Inhale, and repeat “I forgive … (someone who is bugging you etc), exhale.  Repeat this 3 times.

You may also want to join a group of us at Kundalini House and the global Kundalini Yoga community and practice a meditation and pranayam for 40 days to the lead up to 11.11.11.  Click here to register.  You will be guided by well known teachers Snatam Kaur and Gurmukh through the 40 days.

Written by Billie Atherstone