By Pip Atherstone Reid

Use Quality Ingredients: Eating fresh Vegetables and Meats regularly are important.  Locally grown, seasonal organic foods are the best.  Find fresh foods at your local farmers   market or order in a box of vegetables from your local market.

Eat regularly: Irregular, erratic mealtimes and skipping meals disrupts digestion.

Eat lightly: Overeating will cause your digestion to become blocked and congested.  Stop eating just before you become full, at about 70% capacity.  Generally eat heavier carbohydrate based meals between 7am – 11am and avoid large night time meals because this may disturb sleep.

Eat simply: Too many ingredients poorly combined will overload digestion.

Reduce sugar: Sugar and highly sweet foods can overwhelm the digestion and cause fermentation and flatulence.

Include naturally fermented food: Natural yoghurts in small amounts at room temperature and pickled vegetables such as dill pickles are good and help the digestive process.

Drink between meals rather than at meals: Avoid drinking more than 1 glass of water at meal times as it can dilute and overwhelm the digestion.  Drink a small cup of green tea to aid digestion.

Avoid too much cold raw food: Raw or chilled food can put out the fire in your belly and slow down digestion process.

Chew well: Digestion begins in the mouth and chewing well helps prepare the food for the stomach.

Relax and sit comfortably while eating: Tension or slumping will compress the digestive organs and make digestion harder work.  Concentrate on your meal before you start to help alert the body that you are about to digest.  This immediately increases the saliva in your mouth and prepares the stomach for the incoming food.

Trust your body: The body knows what nourishes it, so take the time to listen!

Enjoy your food: A deep appreciation and enjoyment of food will open ones whole being to receiving nourishment.

Bon Appetite!

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