What is your favorite aspect of KY and how do you bring it into your classes?
The thing I love most about KY is the way it makes me feel, both during and after a class. Stretching my body, my will and my being!
I love how KY opens me up to joy and delight that comes from my heart! I often feel bursting with gratitude and love (during and after a class) and just want to share that with everyone around me, this is why I wanted to teach in the first place, to share that experience with as many people as possible.
I love that in every class I am guided in how to be my own best teacher, how to listen to my body and hear what it has to say about all aspects of my life, not just my stiff lower back, but also (and often more importantly) things like my stubbornness or when I am being ungrateful or unreasonable with myself or others.
I love that KY is an internal yoga, one that can be practiced with eyes closed, we ‘go within’ and in doing so come face to face with our will and our inner self. Facing and nurturing that part of ourselves is vital to our overall physical and mental health. As an active meditation it works wonders for people like me who are always busy in mind and in deed.
What is your approach with your personal practice? Is it on the restorative side or do you get yourself pumping?
My personal practice is both active and restorative depending on how I am feeling on the day, there are many ‘quick fixes’ from KY that I utilise often, particularly breath techniques such as alternate nostril breathing, to help me balance myself in a couple of minutes… particularly good just before job interviews or important meetings!
At home I like to do kriyas that stimulate me, and get the blood pumping especially in the morning (nothing like 26 frog squats to warm you up on a cold morning).
How did you get into KY? What attracted you to it?
I found KY after the birth of my first child. I came along to Kundalini house and was instantly hooked! It was so gentle and yet powerful in its effects.
What’s your favourite Kriya and why?
That is a really hard question! There are so many wonderful Kriya’s for such a variety of purposes. I love that I can choose to do yoga that works specifically with my physical or emotional needs. One of my all-time favorites is ‘Opportunity and green energy set’, for opening the heart, getting the blood pumping and feeling the bliss! Also ‘Awakening your ten bodies’, as a set that will see you right in any situation, and one that is great as a general check-up. By noticing which postures I struggle with and which ones feel fantastic or easy, my body is telling me what areas are working well and what needs attention.
 What’s your favourite asana & why?
Kundalini Lotus pose (with breath of fire)… this pose always makes me feel bold, and balanced and beautiful! (Happy, Healthy and Holy!)

Jeanne Cameron teaches Kundalini Yoga at Kundalini House on Wednesday 7:15-8:30pm

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