Winter is on our doorstep.  Sunshine’s’ Vitamin D is depleting . The days are shorter , the nights longer and this can make us feel more stressed, and less balanced than we would like to feel.  To add  to this, the “quickening” pressure of 2012, which finds us constantly rushing or cramming often too much into these shorter days and the result is mounting pressure.  No wonder our mental health is stretched,  something has to give.

Relaxation, Meditation and Hypnotherapy can keep us focused; on track; feeling happier and more in control.

The human brain is actively in the Beta state. In this state we are seeing, hearing, speaking, thinking, moving, smelling and perhaps tasting.  Your finer senses are all active and your brainwaves/neurons transmit at an extremely high frequency.  This is when we can become highly strung and feel the sometimes overwhelming feelings of our physical, emotional and mental stress.

Hypnotherapy can guide you into a peaceful relaxed state.

As soon as you lay still  & close your eyes, you begin leaving your Beta CONSCIOUS state. Through listening to peaceful healing music and a guiding voice, the neurons begin to slow down further to a much more organised, less random frequency.  You begin to enter your Alpha and Theta Brainwave states.

In meditation and Hypnotherapy, Alpha and Theta can operate simultaneously. This cannot happen in your fully awake  BETA  state or your dreaming state of REM, Delta. Delta is experienced in the deepest of sleeps and is interesting because it is proven that the physical body begins to recuperate and recover at a heightened level. You can be in waking delta if you are in an advanced state of meditation or hypnotherapy. This state is associated with ‘kundalini’ experiences

In the Theta and Alpha states we can begin to create our own reality as we access what is known as the SUBCONCIOUS mind.  Here patterns of behavior such as anxiety, stress, worry and negative reactions to the world or others are stored.

By accessing the subconscious or this heightened level of consciousness we can create positive change by changing patterns of anxiety and unhelpful worry or stresses that affect our day to day lives.   This is when techniques like meditation and hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy  is becoming more widely known for its affectiveness in assisting with clearing the subconscious jumble of mental and emotional stress and instead creating positive life affirming beliefs.  As mentioned in this script meditation is also an effective technique which you can continue as a regular practice.

We now have a NEW 40 Minutes meditation class each Wednesday at 8am.

This class will focus expelling negative beliefs and behaviors and focusing on your intention  and setting the direction you wish to be going in life, through a positive mindset. Working on that dream of yourself, you have in your Mind’s eye.

If you are constantly stressed and operating in the high Beta levels, or if you never truly relax and hit Alpha and Theta except for a few hours a night when and if you sleep, then it is recognized that you will not be emotionally or physically reaching your optimum level of health. Worse still it really can have significant effects on your overall health. This is important to note. Therefore, if you are too busy, stressed or have developed certain conditions which affect you from achieving constant, consistent deep relaxation, you will benefit immensely from using some of the aforementioned techniques to help lower your brainwave frequency and achieve relaxation.

Deep Relaxation is where complete clarity can be experienced. This really could change your life for the better in ways you never thought were possible.

Written by Jane Johnston

Kundalini Clinical Hypnotherapist

Yoga Teacher

Relaxation and Meditation Specialist

0417 545 475

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