Kinesiology and Bowen Balances

Kinesiology and Bowen Therapy Sessions for Mums and Bubs!



Some of the issues we can work with:

Kinesiology for your kids:

– Back to school stress or anxiety

– Sleeping Problems

– Separation Anxiety

– Behavioural Problems


Balances for mums:

– Stress

– Lack of energy

– Lack of balance

– And all the nasty and mean thoughts in our heads we don’t like to admit to when we’re trying to be well-balanced managing it all




I know it’s not always hugs and cuddles,


I worked as a live in nanny with a 2 year old girl and a 4 year old boy, lived with my sister-in-law and her six months old daughter and know first-hand how challenging it can be.

I’ve been working with many moms and their little ones now and there is always a common thread when it comes to the challenges they face.


It’s in a woman’s nature to constantly question herself and I can re-assure you, you are not the only person in the world with an inner critic. As a matter of fact, we ALL have this inner voice that constantly questions and challenges us. It’s how we survived as a species.

However it’s when this voice becomes too harsh with us, constantly trying to tell us how we are not good enough that we need to pay attention.


I believe from the bottom of my heart that we all know what’s best for us and what is best for our children. We all have this powerful inner wisdom we can tap into at any time. I can see it in ALL mums I encounter along this journey.


And it is this wisdom that we can help re-connect you to by using kinesiology. We will look at this inner critic and instead of focusing on the voice that makes us feel like we are not doing enough we focus on the wisdom it can teach us.

Once you have clear access to what your heart is telling you, you will be able to better understand:


– What you and your child need

– What your child is going through at this stage in their development

– How to deal with challenges with more ease

– How to be more calm and balanced so giving to your child and your family is joyful instead of draining



So let me tell you about my Step by Step approach…

Who gets treated?

Mum? Bub? Or both?


The focus is on you. When we balance Mum we can unleash her own superpowers and confidence to support a happy and balanced child.

However kinesiology is a wonderful tool and has amazing benefits for children. They are clear little beams of light that respond to balancing really quickly.


Us grown-ups often need to work through a bit more obstacles such as old patterns we have built up throughout our lives.

Whilst kids often benefit from only one session working with Mum is the important bit.

Let me take you trough it…


…Step by step



Letting the heart speak

We’ve already talked about the first step to take and that is to put your inner critic to rest and clear whatever is blocking access to your heart wisdom and intuition.

We will tap into your own body’s powerful knowledge base and the vast wisdom that we all have access to as mothers, carers and nurturing women.



I get you

The next step is strengthening your ability to better understand the developmental stage of your child. We observe and clear your own potential struggles and negative patterns that may have affected your own life during this stage.

After this step you will notice that you can step outside of the situation instead of being triggered by your own fears or insecurities. This will make you feel calmer and more understanding, knowing exactly what it is that your child needs.


Step 3

Feeling empowered

We boost your child’s development, clear stresses and letting them be the awesome little person they were born to be. As a result they will feel more confident and empowered.

You will learn tools that you can share with your child that you can apply to re-inforce their healing process. Kids love those tools and having the power and responsibility put back into their own hands.


Step 4

Happy Mom = Happy Child

We nurture your inner care-giver, make sure you know and access the right tools so you can refuel your own energy reserves in order to be the best expression of yourself.

We soothe and relieve your worry and stress muscles in your shoulders and neck and release emotional tension that you hold in your jaw.

You will feel less depleted and more at ease.

Caring for others will feel rewarding again instead of draining.


How many session will I need?

To work with a specific issue I recommend the step by step approach in four treatments.

Sessions for kids can often be short depending on how old your child is. Generally kids have a short tolerance for lying still on a table but because they usually respond really quickly, even a short session can have a significant impact.


We take you on a journey to clear your own stresses and anxieties so you have clear access to your own guidance and inner wisdom, we help you remember how to take care of your nurturing element and assist you in restoring your energy levels.


To talk about your individual situation I’d like to offer you a

FREE 15 minute phone consultation –

To give us the chance to chat about how it all works.

The free offer is for a limited time only as clinic gets rather busy and I am going back to school myself next week.


Get in touch until March 15 to:

– Receive a free 15 minute consultation

– Get a personalized flower essence FREE with your session

– A surprise ‘toolkit’ for you and your child to play with (hint: it involves crystals 🙂 )


Call or email me to set up a time: 0459-494 957,


I’m looking forward to working with you

and help you and your kids shine!!!





Petra Reich

Kinesiologist (Dip. ACCM)

Bowen Therapist

(Dip. SMART Bowen)