About 21 Stages Meditation Program

The primary textbook for this program guides you through 21 stages of meditation as outlined by Yogi Bhajan. In this program we will engage in three separate journeys; each journey is comprised of seven stages, taking you step by step into a deeper level of awakening and realization. We will move through the rudimentary skills of meditation to the deeper levels of awareness and integration and finally into identity, projection and merger in the infinite pulse of creation.

Why 21 Stages?

The real question is why do we practice in the first place? Happiness. By articulating and describing each of the 21 Stages of Meditation, we have attempted to put into words the states of consciousness that are traversed by those who use the power of meditation to enhance their lives through the pursuit of happiness and peace of mind.

The meditations that guide us through the stages on the journey to Realization are designed to follow the natural structure and qualities of each stage. The experiences of one stage support the progress in the next stage. You can explore any of the stages on your own as an individual practice. The benefit of each meditation stands on its own; but the added benefit of practicing an entire journey comes from the intensity of the practice when done in sequence, within a concentrated period of time and in a community of practitioners.

The goal is clear: happiness. The nature of meditation is well-defined: refine the mind and elevate your awareness. The path is open: deepen your meditation through each of the 21 Stages of Meditation in order to reach that intangible quality we call realization.

Questions you may have about the 21 Stages Meditation program, answered by GuruJivan

What is the 21 Stages Meditation? 

Yogi Bhajan divided meditation into 21 different stages and that is what we will be working on throughout the Journeys.  Discovering each stage and doing a meditation to help understand and move beyond that particular stage.

How is it different from other meditation styles?

Kundalini Yoga is so unique that it has thousands of Kriyas (meditative and postural) to work with.  You can find a mediation or postural Kriya for just about anything you may want to be working on within your Self.

What benefits will I receive from doing the practice?

Hopefully you will come to understand what might be holding you back in your practice and have tools to work with in going forward.

Do I have to do all 6 days?

No that is a personal choice.  You can do one day, or all six.  That is up to you.  You can also do any one day or all of them many times to get the most benefit from the course.

Will I get a Teacher Level 3 accreditation if I join all 6 days? 

You will have accreditation for doing 21 Stages which is part of Level 3.

Do I have to attend both dates for each journey?

To get the most out of the course: yes, it is best to take both days. In fact, it is best to take all 6 days.

I have never done Kundalini Yoga or meditation, will I still be able to come?

The only stipulation that is given by KRI is that you have a steady and long-standing personal practice.  But having done some Kundalini Yoga is helpful for sure.

Is it difficult?

That depends on you to be honest.  Each meditation, each day, each journey is quite different.  You will be doing a lot of practice but personally I only found one of the meditations really difficult.

It sounds like a big commitment and overwhelming, is it?

It will help you to grow and get in touch with the True Self so there is adjustment and with any growth there is some commitment.  Doing it in this format should not be overwhelming at all.  That is why I have set it up as a day at a time.  I have also taught this course in the full 6 days in a row.  Now that can be overwhelming.  This way should not be.  It can also be done in Journeys with two days in a row.  That too is very doable.  All you can do is your best and see what happens.



We run the program regularly at Kundalini House with GuruJivan Kaur

Sundays, 9am – 5pm

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More information on the program from the Kundalini Yoga Research Institute (KRI) website (kundaliniresearchinstitute.org):

More questions answered:

Who can take this program?
We’ve gotten a lot of questions about who can come—and the answer is anyone!

Have you just started taking Kundalini Yoga?
This program is a great foundation for deepening your understanding of meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Are you a Kundalini Yoga Teacher?
This program will deepen your practice and provide the skills you need to help you identify where your students are at and how to take them further.

Do you practice a different style of meditation?
This program will broaden the scope of what you understand meditation to be and open new doors of perception in your life and in your practice.

Have you been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for years?
This program will reawaken your passion for the practice and provide the groundwork for a new understanding of how far you have come and where you want to go.

What do you mean by “First Journey”?
The entire 21 Stages of Meditation program consists of 3 “journeys” or meditative processes. Each journey is taught over a 2-day program.

Do I have to take the journeys in order?
No. This program is designed to be taken repeatedly as you continue on your journey of meditation and contemplation. You may take the journeys in any order and retake them as often as you like.

I’ve taken this journey before, should I take it again?
Yes! Each time you approach these powerful meditative practices you are in a different place in your life and will have different experiences and insights. This is a program that is meant to be repeated.