One last eclipse – Twists and turns and living from the Heart

Eclipses have long lasting effects, influencing us at a deep level while sometimes bringing sudden change before, during or after their physical manifestation. In the short term you may have experienced the total eclipse of the Moon on 28 July as some sort of energy wipe-out.


The third and final eclipse of the current eclipse season, although not visible in Melbourne, will nevertheless once again have a powerful and potentially transforming influence. It will be exact at 7:57 pm on Saturday 11 August at 19 degrees of Leo, revisiting the spot and the theme of another eclipse in the same series that occurred on the same date in 1999. In Leo the focus is on our relationship to our ego nature, courage and creativity. The 19th degree of Leo is characterised as A Houseboat Party Crowded with Revellers and suggests enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured forms of social behaviour. It may be pertinent at this eclipse to consider what was beginning for you in the few months surrounding the 11 August, 1999 eclipse that may now be moving to the next level or coming to some sort of closure.


The August eclipse coincides with a strong interaction between the planets Mars and Uranus and the Nodes of the Moon, a configuration which will last for some time. This goes to the issue of our future collective destiny, but may be experienced in the short term as irritation and frustration. That Pluto is also aspecting the dwarf planet Eris (Goddess of discord) reinforces the theme of the breaking down of structures to build up to a higher level of consciousness during a huge period of global transformation.


Uranus turns retrograde on the 8th of August leaving Venus and Jupiter as the only planets moving in a forward direction at this time. While the journey of Mars backwards through Leo continues through the forecast period, Mars enters Capricorn on the 13th of August. This is suggestive of a more functional and less erratic Mars energy. Given that Mercury’s retrograde passage will continue until 20 August, the move of Mars into a sign that it favours may give us a welcome reprieve. While it’s a great time for planning with all the energy and innovation in the air, it will continue to be difficult to move projects forward, between now and September. So it’s important to continue to review, reflect, remember, express yourself with integrity and avoid making uninformed decisions or acting too impulsively.


The relevance of the New Moon to the setting of new intentions is brought to a higher level with the eclipse. This Leo New Moon eclipse prompts a focus on living from the heart and finding your joy, while activating the onward journey with our own inner child. Use care with your words and think or contemplate before you act.