March Astrology Report With Gill Dwyer


Uranus into Taurus and an Especially Piscean New Moon

Three key astrological events are scheduled in the cosmos over the next two weeks. Firstly Uranus will re-enter Taurus and shake up all things fixed earth, including the earth itself, the human body, our values and finance. With electric Uranus back in Taurus from Thursday the 7th of March until July 2025, we can expect an intensification of earth changes as well as some fundamental changes in values, a revolution in building, a focus on technology and the body, and breakthroughs relating to electrics and the body. While Uranus in Aries has been associated with instantaneous change, in Taurus the changes will be fewer, yet more significant and fundamental, as the irresistible force meets the immovable object. Banking and finance will be under the spotlight and there will be huge changes in the monetary system. Scientific engineering may bring the focus more in line with the rhythms of nature, with breakthroughs in the use of frequencies and sound healing also likely. Some astrologers have suggested that along with the introduction of 5G and the internet of everything, we may expect breakthroughs in dealing with the health issues associated with the huge variance of frequencies between humans and the technology. Advances in food technology to advance organics may bring particularly welcome change.


On the same day that Uranus enters Taurus, the new Moon occurs at 3:03 am on the 7th of March at 16 degrees of Pisces. At this New Moon the Sun and Moon are joining forces within one degree of Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune, adding to the potent magic of this New Moon. Vesta, the Goddess of the Sacred Flame is also right there. The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon degree is In a Quiet Moment, A Creative Individual Experiences the Flow of Inspiration. Most of us will be experiencing a quiet moment of sleep and perhaps our dreams will provide inspiration. It would be opportune to plan some quiet time when we awake for meditation, or to otherwise be present to intuition and inspiration at this especially dreamy New Moon. Jupiter and Neptune are still interacting, so it will be important to keep your feet on the ground. With that slight caution, this is a beautiful New Moon that is asking us to turn inwards and follow our inner guidance in searching for what we trust to be true.

It is somewhat poetic that Mercury is in the final degree of the zodiac, 30 degrees of Pisces, at the point that it stops to apparently move in a backward direction. Mercury goes retrograde through Pisces from the 6th of March for the remaining three weeks of the month. This ends a two month period when all the planets were moving in a forward motion. But don’t despair – remember that with Mercury closer to the earth at this time we just need to pay closer attention to the messages and the details.



Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House.




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