Time for Logical Action and Concern for the Earth: The Virgo Super New Moon

The recent Aquarian Full Moon was rendered deep and intense by the presence of Pluto, but the winds of change are in action once again and by the time of the Virgo New Moon on the 30th of August all the personal planets will be in Virgo. The sense of drama and fun that the Leo focus brought is being repurposed with a more practical slant towards getting things done and being able to take the detail into consideration.

Mars, the planet of action, moved into Virgo on the 18th of August – leading the pack. As the personal planet with the longest orbit it remains in this humble, analytical sign until early October and brings an active focus on the health of body and mind and to the various aspects of service for our community and planet earth. Three days later on the 21st of August, Venus, which has been travelling close to the Sun and adding a touch of magic for much of August, enters Virgo, joining up with Mars briefly on the 25th of August. While this meeting between Mars and Venus is suggestive of shy passion, with Venus in Virgo we may need to be careful of being overly self critical or critical of those we love. Relationships may take on a more a serious tone and there’s a focus on doing things right. The Sun’s annual arrival into Virgo occurs two days later on the 23rd of August.

Jupiter which is recalibrating in its recent reversal from retrograde to direct movement remains at 15 degrees Sagittarius until the 29th of August, encouraging us to be in tune with planetary and social rhythms and reminding us of the need to ensure our relative safety through forward planning in a challenging world. After a period of spiritual and philosophical introspection Jupiter’s forward movement may bring good fortune providing we have put in the effort.

Finally Mercury moves into Virgo on the day before the New Moon and has a brief direct contact with the Moon which enters Virgo on the morning of the New Moon. We can anticipate a palpable experience of this practical planet of service. After the recent focus on creative Leo we are now asked to focus on logic, and attentive, detailed planning while avoiding being over-finicky or perfectionist in our communication. The sense of Virgo’s mutable and earthy qualities are amplified at the time of the New Moon with eight of the ten planets and luminaries in earth signs (including Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus) and with six planets in mutable signs (including Jupiter) at this time.

The Super New Moon in Virgo occurs just prior to the onset of spring at 9:57am on the 30th of August at 7 degrees of Virgo. It speaks of a fateful subservience to the vagaries or desires of the emotional nature. With the New Moon closely aligned with Mars just one degree away an underlying need to serve influences the physical energy and willpower and this New Moon suggests an ability to work hard and vigorously with practical intelligence. While New Moons are never visible as a Super Moon this one is particularly potent.


Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House