The greatest honour and privilege for me in my world is to guide others through shamanic processes.  I have always had an interest in altered states as a pathway to connect to the divine.  When we consider our thinking brain can only comprehend 40 bits of information a second on our best days and in alternant brain states we can access processing of information at subconscious levels and beyond at 40,000 bits per second.


In Crystal Dreaming shamanic journeys we access shamanic states through the emotional body and cellular memory.  Our clair senses guide us through this awakening we explore the emotional charge and we clear anything that really is nor serving you or holding you back within the emotional body.  We are working on a deep soul level with the divine beauty of the soul and its human experience.  The basis of human experience we explore in the shamanic state are the universal principles of unconditional love, forgiveness, truth and free will.


The actions we as humans have taken against ourselves, one other and our mother, the earth, is often horrifying and beyond any reasonable comprehension of our gift of free will.  However what we are capable of is the beauty of kindness, the grace of truth and the freedom of forgiveness. In shamanic states we are able to voice the forgiveness that may not ever be able to be said from our conscious thinking state but at a soul level the understanding of the power of forgiveness brings an ease for expression that is stunningly beautiful to witness, if that is what is best for your truth in that moment.  The deep healing beginning at the cellular level and rippling out into the denser layers of our being…

Always a gift and always an honour to guide.

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I will be continuing to offer Crystal Dreaming TM Shamanic Journeys at Kundalini House now on Saturdays from December 7.

Sessions will no longer be available on Fridays from Friday 29th November.