The Unveiling of the Shadow

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the news that there had been an allegation of sexual abuse and abuse of power against Yogi Bhajan, the teacher that brought Kundalini Yoga to the west and shared this amazing technology.  He came to the west to create teachers and bring a technology of mindfulness and love to us, yet, now it seems that he may have fallen short of the ideals and values he taught. Another leader of influence falls.

But it is not about the abuser but the people they hurt and we would like to acknowledge Pamela Saharah Dyson and her bravery at writing her book, Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage and speaking out about her abuse and her ongoing journey of healing. We would like to acknowledge all people and communities who have been through abuse and how this might be triggering for those who are touched by this story.

The National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling Line

(1800 737 732)

(13 11 14)

This news is going to shake the community of Yogi’s who practice this style of Kundalini Yoga and also other styles. What do we do and how do we move forward when we discover the person we looked towards, for the teachings let’s us down so badly?  Everyone is going to respond differently and there is no right way. But it is important to be kind to ourselves and others during this time and reach out for support when we need it.

We have both been rocked by this news and have gone through our own stages of emotions, anger, loss, doubt, sadness, grief, hope, distrust and the realisation that there needs to be some changes.  This is an opportunity to really reflect on how we carry the teachings.  These times call for many of the constructs, attitudes and archaic Piscean values around us and on our planet to fall away. We would like to be able to talk openly about this as a community and find clarity through kindness, compassion and truth.

What are we going to take with us from this news and what are going to leave behind?

For us, what we will take with us is:

  • The gratitude and love of our community – we see so many people who are willing to be truth-seekers (Sat Nam)- showing such courage, strength and commitment to their Self. They are our inspiration.  For us, Yogi Bhajan was not our initial teacher; we found Kundalini Yoga through teachers, fellow students and each other. These were the people who inspired us to start a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga and become teachers. They were the ones that lifted us up and they continue to inspire and lead us with their steady hand and example.
  • Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness – this practice brings such self-awareness and an experience of our selves. It has helped us heal from past experiences and connects us in with our inner teacher. It has helped us to trust ourselves and find guidance within.
  • We have learnt the power of service – if we are able to live to serve our own heart and soul, then our power to serve others and our planet is ten-fold.
  • We can see that human awareness is evolving – what was accepted in the past is changing and different to what is accepted now. Our perception and awareness has changed and will continue to change. What is important is that we continue to commit to the awakening of our hearts and connection and love for others.

“It isn’t about religion or philosophy, because belief and intellectual understanding are not needed in order to awaken; in fact, they often get in the way.” Tej Steiner

  • To know is to experience – we love the technology and feel grateful for the Yogic teachings and the research that supports it, but most importantly our direct experience of the transformative impact of Kundalini Yoga.
  • What we will try to leave behind is the devotion to one teacher or Guru, as any true Guru would want us to do. Our devotion should be to our own inner divinity and through that, our connection to others. As Yoga teachers we will strive to teach in a way that empowers the students to find their inner power.
    • “Be the guide by their side, rather than the sage on the stage”
    • Even though it wasn’t a feature in our studio, Yogi Bhajan images will not be displayed.

These are the things that we connect with; we encourage you to look at your own experiences and beliefs surrounding your Yogic journey. What needs to fall away for you and what will you take forward with you?  And importantly what support do you need through this process?

We, at Kundalini House would like to extend our support to you, if you feel you would like to talk about this, we will strive to be open and non-judgmental to anything you bring. It can be a confusing time as we have unfortunately seen when other styles of Yoga have gone through this process. But within this we also see the potential for humanity to grow and evolve into a collective compassionate consciousness that seeks out truth through love. And this is what we set our sights firmly on.  We send out our deepest love and support for all beings and we hope you receive this news gently and with support.

Sat Nam

Billie and Pip
Kundalini House