Appreciation as well as Striving at the Virgo Full Moon


Mars is still in responsible and hard working Capricorn, sharing energies with Saturn and Pluto, until April Fool’s Day. While this is a practical and useful Mars, it is still somewhat impulsive and assertive as it continues to move Out of Bounds at this time.


On Tuesday the 3rd of March retrograde Mercury reaches back into Aquarius revisiting territory traversed a month ago and seeking some revision of issues encountered then, while pointing to new and possibly ground breaking solutions. By the time of the Virgo Full Moon it will be standing still in preparation for its forward journey, which is initially through territory it first traversed in early February.


Meanwhile on Thursday the 4th of March Venus moves into its own signs of Taurus, placing a high value on security after a serious encounter with Saturn a couple of days earlier. A touch of confusion and an urge to transcend the material world through imagination, idealism or perhaps some spiritual meditation is added, when the Sun and Neptune meet up on Sunday the 8th of March.


This month’s Full Moon is a Super Full Moon as it will occur at a point in its monthly cycle when the Moon makes its closest approach to the earth. We can expect higher tides as well as stronger emotions during a Full Super Moon. This one occurs at 3:48am on the 10th of March at the 20th degree of Virgo which is characterized as A Caravan of Cars Headed to the West Coast. This speaks to the need for cooperative effort in reaching any new world of experience. This is a time of leaving the past behind and linking consciousness with energy in order to safely reach a collective goal of destiny.


With so many planets in cardinal signs and in Earth signs we can expect practical action at this time. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and with Mercury stationary in Aquarius, poised to go direct the very next day, we can expect original ideas to power this Full Super Moon. We can also anticipate a highly creative, dreamy quality with the Pisces Sun so close to its ruler Neptune, also in Pisces. The opposite signs of Virgo and Pisces represent order versus chaos and perhaps this Full Moon will help to form our visionary creative energy into something coherent, significant and of service. With Venus also less than a degree away from Uranus and linking up with the Moon there is a possibility of quantum leaps in communciation and ideas. As Virgo rules health and the transmission of viruses has a Neptunian link we can expect COVAC-19 to feature somehow.


Strive for excellence, but don’t forget to love and nurture yourself and drop into an infinite state of peace at the Full Moon.

Gillian Dwyer is a Melbourne astrologer Agent 25 of the C*I*A and frequent participant at Kundalini House