Emotional Clearing at a Serious Scorpio Lunar Eclipse  

On the 11th of May Jupiter moves from Pisces into Aries promoting the energy to make a clean break with the past and suggesting growth and improvement associated with confident assertive activity and new adventures. This is a time to be courageous and have faith in yourself as you’re more likely to feel that anything is possible.  With Venus and Chiron already in Aries our values, pleasures and ability to heal are on this same page. Jupiter will have moved retrograde back into Pisces by late October for its final work fostering compassion and generosity of spirit before moving forward again through Aries in January 2023.  Jupiter’s previous journey through Aries was in 2011 and 2012 and coincided with significant uprisings against repressive regimes.

On the very same day Mercury turns retrograde to travel back through Gemini (and into Taurus) for its usual three week reflective journey. Mercury in Gemini brings high levels of nervous energy, clever and fluent communication and an urge for the immediate expression of one’s perceptions. However this is a time to slow down a little and revisit, reassess and reconnect with all things communication, transportation, and technology.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs at 2:13 pm on the 16th of May at 26 degrees of Scorpio a degree of the zodiac characterised as A Group of People Making Camp after Moving into New Territory. This speaks to the ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements. This message of an eclipsed Full Moon is one of peaceful adaptation to nature and efficient functioning in all life situations.

Consistent with the recent Taurus New Moon, when a New or Full Moon occurs close to one of the nodes it forms an eclipse, in this case a total lunar eclipse that is not visible in Australia. Since December 2021 the North Node has been in Taurus (calling us back to Earth) and the South Node has been in Scorpio, where it is time to let go of deeply emotional material to do with how we share energies with or merge with others in relationship. At this lunar eclipse we can anticipate a particularly deep cleanse and in line with the current global nodal story the transformation may feel like digging out deeply embedded roots. This can be a painful process involving considerable resistance and yet the South Node is telling us to let go and that any loss is temporary. You could, in fact, experience a sudden breakthrough or go through something entirely unexpected. Equally we could all experience a major change, perhaps even a significant death in the world around us.

At the same time Saturn is tightly square to the Sun and the Moon bringing with it a strong reality check on what we need to let go of and given that this one is in Scorpio the release could relate to something that we share with others. With Pluto and Neptune also both involved with the Full Moon and favourable disposed to it, there are bigger energies at play here in any surrender and these may relate to your soul growth in this lifetime. Be assured that Jupiter in Aries is primed to move you towards new expansive developments.

The Sun moves into Gemini in the morning of Australian Election Day on the 21st of May and while Mercury is still retrograde, creative energy is directed towards perception, acquiring facts, asking questions and finding connections between ideas. With the Moon in Aquarius on this fateful day there’s a mood for change, emancipation and innovation.